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  1. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982062 You should download the whole pack, and extract to get it.
  2. .NET 4 is at post #2. .NET 3.5 For Windows XP/2k3, .NET 2.0 For Windows 2000/XP/2k3, Last Updated 2011/10/16 If you like my build and want to make an addon with language packs, here are some points you should take Description: This is my work on dotnet framework. It features this tutorial so the size is noticable reduced. Also other efforts are made to keep the size even smaller and the content latest-updated. Features:Compatible for 2k3/xp in one installer with all latest-updated components. Updates are listed out in ARP. T-13 compatible. all related items on MU are blocked. language packs a
  3. updated. Now this addon supports nLite integration on XP directly.
  4. Fixed again. And added 2 T-13 addons for those apps to detect installed runtimes.
  5. It seems code doesn't keep updating his any more... so my build here: In short, the "svcpack" integration of DirectX is superior to "True Addon" for its smaller size, easier maintenance and unlimited context(windows setup or live system). From now, "/q" is supported as a parameter of the installer. With /q or -q switch specified, this utility will hide the file progress dialog. Known Issues while using /q or -q: 1. The file progress dialog flashes for a short time then disappears, instead of never-showing. 2. If there is any problem with the INF installation, the pop-up dialogs with messages n
  6. This is intended for keep code65536's work going. Besides merely an update, I decide to divide it into several packs, for VC7-9 runtimes is almost a must-have while old VC1/VB1-4 runtimes is only for those who work with old apps. Adding to that, VC10 is a new-comer, on which nearly no apps are developed till now. Goal Different from code65536's goal, my goal is to provide basic Microsoft runtime coverage to satisfy the common needs that is missing from Windows XP while still providing stuffs to fill the "gaps" that Microsoft left. I have included only Microsoft C-family runtimes (CRT/MFC/etc.)
  7. What is this addon(or switchless installer) for: 1. The XPS Printer contains several common printer driver files, so making it a "true addon" saves space. Additionally, XPS Printer copies some files to driver cache, so we can just merge these files into driver.cab 2. For those who want to update their XP/2003's common printer drivers to latest, the "true addon" also updates them 3. As the reasons above, I decide to remove XPS in my .NET installer release. So this addon is to make it complete. Please note that .NET 3.0 installs without XPS Printer flawlessly only that XPS Viewer won't work beca
  8. Windows Media Player 11 For Windows XP/MCE/2k3, Last Updated 2011/6/29 Description: This addon will replace your Windows Media Player Component in your windows installation CD with its contents. Why your first release is V3? Check this post. Why do you release another WMP11 Addon as boooggy and onepiece both do good job? I have workd on an addon including Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media 11 Runtimes, therefore i only need to modify a few to create this addon. This addon has all the features listed below: Compatibility with XP/MCE/2k3 in one Addon. for 2k3, M$ does not install skins b
  9. Windows Media Player 10 With Windows Media Connect 2 & Windows Media 11 Runtimes For Windows XP/MCE/2k3, Last Updated 2011/6/29 Description: This addon will replace your Windows Media Player Component in your windows installation CD with its contents. This version is named V3. V1 is based on Ryan's work, i translated it into Chinese that time. V2 is somehow similar to Onepiece's WMP11 Addon. We did the same thing that is modifying the default wmp.inf and associated files rather than Ryan & boooggy's "Install WMP9 then Install WMP10/11" method.(although we achieve file copying via dif
  10. nlite integration guide due to some issues of nlite, this addon cannot satisfy both nlite integrations on XP/2003. So I made it compatible with XP since more people use it. In order to integrate it on 2003 with nLite, you should follow this guide to modify this addon. nlite integration on Windows 2003: Convert this addon into a 2k3-only addon. Extract all the files in this addon to an empty directory, for example, D:\IE8Addon. In D:\IE8Addon, delete directories "pro" and "home". In D:\IE8Addon, sort files by FileType, you'll see some *.ca_ files, move them to D:\IE8Addon\svcpack overwriting t
  11. Internet Explorer 8 For Windows XP/2k3, Last Updated 2011/11/9 If you use nlite to integrate this addon on Windows 2003, read nlite integration guide on 2003 for this addon. RVMI users don't need extra steps. Description: This addon will replace your Internet Explorer 6 in your windows installation CD with Internet Explorer 8 w/ latest updates(QFE branch is used in this release). Features: Compatibility with XP/2k3 in one Addon(RVMI only). Only compatible with XP for nlite. nLite users who want to integrate this addon on Windows 2003 should read the integration guide. A syssetup.dll-patch-fre
  12. Hi, rick, I'm considering updating my mod version in a few days, would you mind me to post a topic here at wincert?
  13. ja-jp="%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Pictures\Sample Pictures" zh-cn="%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Pictures\示例图片" yes the japanese string is totally same as english one...
  14. Hi, I'm interested in Microsoft Windows XP(RED), and want to make it in english. could you explain what you have modified to descriptions(strings) of winntbbu.dll?
  15. lol. i'm currently running on Windows 7 , I think many of us do this too. Would you plz make it an option?
  16. 2.0 is out. saying it Remove .NET Dependencies.
  17. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/954622/ Add this entry reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotFix\KB895961" /v Installed /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f
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