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  1. AMIRZ, on 18 Mar 2009 - 11:54 PM, said: Does anyone still have these games that "AMIRZ" posted that have the Oct 4 2005 removed from the title bar ect... that they could reupload or send me a link to? as all 4shared links are dead and ive searched google but only the 4shared links come up .mainly looking for the"Shanghai" game before it was Mahjong Titans. thanks in adavance
  2. hate to bump this old thread but does anyone still have these games that "AMIRZ" posted that have the Oct 4 2005 removed from the title bar ect... that they could reupload or send me a link to? as all 4shared links are dead .thanks in adavance
  3. any chance of the newer purble place game being posted?thanks for the others
  4. anyone have a working link to the fixed games by AMIRZ above that he removed the "Oct 4 2005" ect.... from? searched everywhere with no luck. also anyone ever get the rtm vista game purble places working on xp? thanks in advance.
  5. link is dead :confused02: could you re up the themes? thanks in advance
  6. i've tried deleting the above but it still installs the shared gadgets. is there anyone else on here that has or can get the .inf file that would maybe post an edited version that does'nt install the shared gadgets (only the default one's)? i would be so thankfull for this. thanks in advance.
  7. line 33 shows me this in the .inf file : [sourceDisksNames.x86] 1="%SIDEBAR% Files","Sidebar.cab",,"i386" 2="%CDVD_NAME%","WIN51",,"i386" so how do i do this? maybe you could post a edited version of the inf. ?
  8. @ricktendo64 could there be a version of the faded sidebar added that only contains the default gadgets from vista (non of the shared gadgets)? not sure about anyone else but i would like to have this version option. please consider this request. thanks in advance.
  9. maybe how ever they got this to work on non ultimate maybe the patch would work for the texas holdem with some modifacation. just an ideal
  10. if one knew what files it checked for maybe they could copied from ultimate to other versions of vista if its what it does. i to hope someone smarter than us figures it out soon. "they got dreamscene to work so it may be possible"
  11. here ya go : http://rapidshare.de/files/39060586/inkball.zip.html hope someone can figure this out. thanks for the intrest.
  12. would love to but i haven't a clue.lol after downloading a ton of different inkball versions that claim to work this is the only one so far that seems to. i forget which blog i got this from but some user posted it saying it worked on his xp home. here is a megaupload link to the fixed inkball game. ( http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3KHP37WD ) after you open the game just hit the keyboad alt key to show the cursor. p.s. its from the xp tablet edition but i changed the icon to the vista one.
  13. ok for starters this is about the inkball game from tablet edition fixed for xp. it works great and opens everytime it's clicked but does not show the cursor,but i found a fix. after opening the game and pressing alt on your keyboard the cursor shows. what i'm looking for is and alternitive .exe that will 1. open the game and 2. will auto apply the alt key. but i want the .exe to use the inkball icon. is there away of doing this? as i would want the new .exe to reside in the same folder with the game. thanks in advance, jimmy
  14. because iwanna see whats inside i guess. lol i just figured there was an app that would extract it. is there no app that will open this file and extract it? i've searched and searched but have come up with nothing. anyone find out how to open this yet? please post if you do. thanks
  15. what tool will open and extract the file in holdem called "holdem.env" ? i've searched but i'm having no luck so any help would be great. thanks in advance.
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