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  1. Ok. thanks! will v2 also have the same option of "Quick" and "Full (format)" in its USB Boot Prep tool? When will be the public release of WinToolkit v2? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Does the Quick option in this "USB Boot Prep" in this tool supports booting and installing in native UEFI mode (provided that the install.wim is under 4GB)?
  3. Hi Legolash2o, If I create a Windows 7 All in one ISO using Wintoolkit's "AIO Tool" and then make it (the Windows 7 AIO ISO) UEFI bootable via rebuilding with Wintoolkit's "ISO Maker", will the resulting rebuilt AIO ISO be UEFI (as well as BIOS) bootable then? It's because I've read several threads in a forum (which I think are from expirienced users) that even if the UEFI bootloaders are in the correct directories in the AIO ISO, it still doesn't and cannot boot in UEFI because it uses the 32bit boot files. And also needs to edit the bcd and efisys.bin and bootmgr.efi, etc. which frankly is quite complicated for me. (I can provide the links by Personal message. I'm just having a very difficult time linking URL here as the site stops responding if I do so). I mean has it been tested that the AIO ISO created usng Wintoolkit and rebuilt using Wintoolkit ISO Maker to be UEFI bootable? I just don't have a UEFI system now. I'm just trying to create a Windows AIO installer that has UEFI support for when I buy a new system. And even in VMWare and Virtual Box (which also afaik only supports other OS such as linux for UEFI emulation but not Windows OS), I cannot test it in UEFI emulation because my current processor doesn't support vt-x or hardware virtualization feature and so I cannot install 64bit guest OS -- something that UEFI requires afaik in Windows OS. Or is the AIO ISO (native) UEFI bootable, but just needs to select any of the x64 OS editions during installation from the AIO DVD/USB installer, otherwise if selected any x86 during UEFI install it will give an error. and that the 32 bit in the AIO installer will only install in BIOS but not in UEFI? I hope you can answer me. Thanks!
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