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  1. Are there any? I've started to update to 8.1 installation now that you can get the W8 OEM key from the BIOS with a handy tool. However, when testing the image I've made, the old W8 keys I had do not work anymore. Again this is not for activation only temporary/trial install. Core and Pro since that's what customers at work use.
  2. so technically this should work with vista as well? Trying to make a master USB drive with XP, Server,Vista, 7 8/8.1 and 10 etc.
  3. Just curious because the old WHD supported the <--> conversion but I haven't really found anything more about it apart from W8/8.1 threads...
  4. Good news! I have come to the conclusion that it comes down to updates that somehow clash together (even possible?), as I stripped it down to just Pro and HP. I will look into this further as I really need the wim to be below 5,5GB due to constriction of our flash drives at work (16GB) that are filled with other distros and such. edit: seems that WHD was the culprit on how it integrated it's language packs (got broken after AIO x64+x86). All well now thanks to WTK
  5. So compressing to esd might be a good idea? Question is though because my x64 AIO ML is well over 5,7GB
  6. Just wondering per say because with say simplix update pack once you integrate the LP's you get the dreaded offline LP error which only seem to happen once you slap together x86 w/ x64.
  7. Nessaja


    Greetings from the North (beyond the wall...!). I hope this community is as good as I've heard it is. And if not, well nice to be here anyway.
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