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  1. Well I was on many forums before I bumped here, international computer forums like Guru3d.com, Abit forum, DNA-drivers,Tweakrus.com,MSFN.org,and recently registered on Ryan forum...LOL I must stop..I can't even remember all of them ,I did not mention some CRO forums...pcekspert.com,pcexodus.com... Nice site...I'm just thinking of replacing my 5yr old 6510 with SE. I might look around there also.
  2. Updated...Sorry guys took me a long time to noticed that someone still needs this app.
  3. Off Topic: I agree with Kell on this one. Plus both programs are monitoring/information programs so it's obvious that virtual environment can provide correct reading. But you must admit it's nice to have it on your XP collection
  4. Rick could you update it please? Version 4.20.1170 is available here Thank U...
  5. Happy B day Wolfie Live long and prosper!
  6. Thx for hint bigrandalo. And now it's updated! Can be used with previous version 15.2 version (they can be used both on same CD source )
  7. Yep..it plays all sorts of media files,and provides many advanced features like filters,visualizations and tweaks like transparency etc.... If anyone has some cool skin for this great app,feel free to upload it so I could add it to addon. :icon_cool:
  8. TeraCopy @1.15 MB 7B92C8B5A076A2A1ED8E692F41BC3D63 NOTE: Professional version requires registration, this version is for home/personal use thus it's free
  9. Updated...program has some major changes as I see. Further more creator added Fr language and startup entry added as additional option. I'm still leaving True Aero Skin as default one.
  10. Well I don't won to be rude since you all comment on this topic...and introduce yourself to wincert community, so guess I should do the same: I'm from Croatia,living in small place called Solin. I study electrical engineering at Split University...almost finished
  11. Topic moved to adequate section..please keep in mind for next time. Here is the offical website page. I can't make any promises for now cause I'm quite busy for next two weeks so...
  12. These are nice Rick... I believe you could bump on many other attractive locations along Croatian coast. I see JurgenDoe knows (maybe you've been there) one of them.
  13. Gorki


    wooow..easy. What do you need,exactly? Please explain?
  14. Yes this is my really first one...so I decide to leave thanks all those people who helped me in my work. I really priciate that.
  15. I did not use any switches as it's named as true addon not svcpack addon. You should also know that this applications like QT Toolbar,QTAdressbar,Styler,etc... require different approach when making it as addon. Generally RunOnceEx should work for those. And for the note..I'm working on improving QT Address Bar addon so It won't be needed any user interference to activate it.
  16. Gorki

    Drake here

    Welcome Drake! :welcome: I hope you enjoy browsing wincert.net.
  17. And I just started using Nero 7. LOL
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