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  1. I cant' trick you can I? xjch18 nice one... Another vista style lover! :thumb_yello: I find nice vista shell (Win addon) cant' remember the name or where did I get it but it was (originaly posted) on devianart, realy nice and stylish skin with fancy window frames but with few graphic glitches... If I find the link I might update it and report glitches to it's maker. Sorry for small OT..
  2. Woow Rick that is huge pack? . Many fixes and updates are there. :thumbsup_anim: I use this one, I find it useful as addon, maybe if this could be add same way I would be tempted to put it on my list.
  3. Nice walls guys. I see many of you like new Vista shell style,me also Really nice. What about Vista icons? What would you recommend?
  4. Well I prefer using Nlite over RVM Intergrator...it has much more features that I like like Unnatended setup. Anyway I manage to integrate if after several attempts. Works fine if u ask me!
  5. Hmm interesanting I already tried some addons from that page (winAddons) but strange thing happens, If I use one of those addons I seam to miss other ones that I use like themes, Netmeter, MSN 7.5, Mozila,etc all others that I use and downloaded from Ryan forum and Rogue,are gone. Inegrates fine but when I boot windows they are not among program files or in START menu?? , Never understand why does it happen all the time.
  6. Well I must say that I really miss this addon in my windows XP releases. I like this player very much + it's freeware and support many customizations and plugins. Would it be much trouble if someone could make addon for this kin of program. I'm not familiar what kind of players do you guys use, but I'm sick of WMP! So what do you think guys?
  7. Looks very nice and interesanting according to the screenshoots.
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    Quick intro

    Welcome Chris :welcome: I'm newbie myself too.
  9. Gorki

    Here I am

    Yes ricktendo64 we are from same small country, it's a small world not to mention how small is Croatia. I did notice few croatian people on this sort of forums/sites like nuhi (nLite and vLite developer) on MSFN forums and N1K, Racker CRO here on WinCert. It's good to know that I'm not alone. Thank you N1K and ricktendo64.
  10. Gorki

    Here I am

    Well...here I am! I've been watching you guys occasionally here and there (read on other forums) for some time, and finally decided to join here among you. I hope we'll get along...
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