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  1. To BillGates_XP: Can you make TXT file (or write on board) text which are on BMPs and AVIS which i uploaded? I prefer writing russian text on board into code box Here is link for BMPs and AVIs with russian text: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v11zwxzy1nz/NeedTranslateAVI-BMP.7z P.S. If is possible, please do it like this... access.cpl 2011 - TEXT 2021 - TEXT appwiz.cpl 101 - TEXT ect ect... Many thanks. To MANIKANT.S.GUPTA: I will send you PM, after BillGates_XP give us russian text and after i translate it into english...
  2. I´ve made completly English .RES of this files: ASCTRLS.OCX.res AUTODISC.DLL.res AVTAPI.DLL.res BCSPRSRC.DLL.res BROWSELC.DLL.res calc.exe.res CDFVIEW.DLL.res CNETCFG.DLL.res COMDLG32.DLL.res conf.exe.res CREDUI.DLL.res cscui.dll.res DESKADP.DLL.res DESKMON.DLL.res DESKPERF.DLL.res DEVMGR.DLL.res DMDSKRES.DLL.res EAPPGNUI.DLL.res EXPLORER.EXE.res FILEMGMT.DLL.res FONTEXT.DLL.res FREECELL.EXE.res FXSST.DLL.res GCDEF.DLL.res gptext.dll.res H323.TSP.res hotplug.dll.res And these files i must debug (but they are also translated): ACCESS.CPL.res ACCWIZ.EXE.res appwiz.cpl.res CAPESNPN.DLL.res CERTMGR.DLL.res CLEANMGR.EXE.res CRYPTUI.DLL.res DPVOICE.DLL.res FLDRCLNR.DLL.res FXSCFGWZ.DLL.res FXSWZRD.DLL.res hdwwiz.cpl.res HNETWIZ.DLL.res
  3. Not bad, but we need modified .RES files which are in first post
  4. Very cool prokazzza, but you upload old versio of PSD. I think is version for 2008... They are many differend..
  5. Here are templates made by marekfx1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/3jinmjtwtmn/Templates.7z He moded all images + AVIs
  6. Sound cool I think you can write english text on templates (No templates in this time, maybe later )
  7. marekfx1 finishing work on moding images and AVIs. We will have templates without text today (about 2 - 3 hours)
  8. marekfx1 from one Czech forum started making templates :thumbsup_anim: EDIT: He made nice work, see it yourself. Original image with russian text: Moded image without text:
  9. First post updated with link to .RES files. Archive contain 3 folders: OK - these files are without dialogs and IMGs to translate RU - need translate ENG - original english files from install CD
  10. Now i have 100 files with dialogues which need translate :ranting: I think it
  11. Very cool :thumbsup_anim: I now have patched 438 files and cleaned - i mean deleted menu, version, etc... I think i will finish making .RES on today night I´ve missed only this files, don´t know where i can get it comctl32.exe inetcpl.exe Zmshtml.exe (mshtml.exe) Zmsrating.exe (msrating.exe) Zoccache.exe (occache.exe) Zwebcheck.exe (webcheck.exe) And i also started topic here: http://forum.oszone.net/thread-155624.html Translating dialogues will start after all .RES-ing Which editor you are using? I cleaned files with restorator 2007 and saving into .RES i doing by Resource Hacker - because by Resource Hacker is quickly for me :sweatingbullets: EDIT: Finished creating .RES i have 450 .RES and 6 files missing (posted up). Now i will short it if must be edited dialog and graphic files :naughty: EDIT2: Now i have shorted it and i will extract IMGs and AVIs which need translate a¨nd post it here. And i will start translating dialogues...
  12. 56 hotfixes is none... You need about 229 files for creting 100% update pack, if you miss only one update you will corupt your installation. All hotfixes are needed...
  13. Now i started making .RES files with changes which made WinStyle on files :welcome:
  14. Hello everyone, I´ve started this topic, because i (and a lot of our) want Windows WinStyle 2009 in English or other language. I´ve downloaded Windows XP SP3 RU + WMP11 + IE8 and patched files, but some files i haven´t got... FINISHED .RES creating here: Archive contains [i]OK[/i] - translated .RES [i]RU[/i] - need translate [i]ENG[/i] - original english files from install CD http://www.mediafire.com/file/ykdymcdzygq/Resources.7z Here are 432 patched files of 444 http://www.mediafire.com/file/tqzzq4kdtyi/WinStyle2009RUPatched.7z or http://hotfile.com/dl/16344314/953954b/WinStyle2009RUPatched.7z.html Original topic about WinStyle: http://www.forum.oszone.ru/thread-98660.html Now i think this is work for: MANIKANT.S.GUPTA dougiefresh bober Fixit amnesia ricktendo64 All peoples are invite I think best method to make WinStyle 2009 ENG is as .RES like XPTSP Please start work on creating .RES files and translating BMP´s :welcome: I found JPG´s on which is moonlight I think it will be usefull for making templates for transtaling. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dgwu2jmjwzt/Wallpapers.7z HERE are all BMPs and AVIs which need translate: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v11zwxzy1nz/NeedTranslateAVI-BMP.7z
  15. I downloaded Windows XP Professional SP3 RU. Now i will patch files and collect patched files. I think this will help for making english version. I don
  16. I have wmvcore.dll v10.0.0.4001 and wkssvc.dll v5.2.3790.4275 :thumbsdown_anim: But files are from updates...
  17. I find problem. I tried make Windows Server 2003 Update Pack. Creation, integration and installation system works. But on Microsoft Update i see KB968816 and KB971657.. I have all Updates in OnePiece Server 2003 Pack. Fileslist: ASMS01.CAB directx_aug2009_redist.exe IE8-WindowsServer2003-KB971961-x86-CSY.exe IE8-WindowsServer2003-KB973874-x86-CSY.exe IE8-WindowsServer2003-KB974455-x86-CSY.exe IE8-WindowsServer2003-x86-CSY.exe IMAPI_XP_SRV2003_x86 CSY.exe install_flash_player_ax.exe msxml.msi msxml6.msi msxml6-KB954459-csy-x86.exe MuCatalogWebControl.cab mucltui.cab mucltui_cs.cab muweb.cab Silverlight.exe Windows-cs-CZ-KB943729.exe windows-kb890830-v3.0.exe WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsSearch-KB940157-Srv2K3-x86-csy.exe WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB963093-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB923561-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB924667-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB925876-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB925902-v2-x86-custom-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB926139-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB929123-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB930178-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB932168-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB932716-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB932762-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB933854-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB936357-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB941569-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB942288-v4-x86.exe WindowsServer2003-KB942830-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB942831-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB943055-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB943295-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB944043-v5-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB944653-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB946026-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB948496-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB949269-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB950762-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB950974-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB951066-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB952004-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB952069-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB952954-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB953155-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB953298-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB954155-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB954920-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB955069-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB955417-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB955704-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB956263-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB956572-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB956744-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB956802-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB956844-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB957097-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB957579-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB958644-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB958655-v2-x86-csy.exe WindowsServer2003-KB958687-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB958869-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB959426-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB960680-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB960803-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB960859-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB961371-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB961501-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB967723-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB968389-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB968537-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB968816-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB969059-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB969805-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB970238-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB970437-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB970483-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB970653-v3-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971029-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971032-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971276-v2-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971314-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971486-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971557-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971633-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB971657-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973354-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973507-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973525-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973540-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973815-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973825-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB973869-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB974112-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB974571-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB975025-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB975254-x86-CSY.exe WindowsServer2003-KB975467-x86-CSY.exe windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe
  18. Hmm, I think you can make your own .NET maker for Uodate Pack tool... His tool is only CMD... Your will be GUI - it
  19. Hey OnePiece, can you add into your Update Pack maker also .NET3.5 creation?
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