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  1. Hello, i want to have support for all languages => when i translate language.txt not all letters are showing correct. Can you add support for all char coding?
  2. Is here a way how to get old style? It was better for me...
  3. I build easy gadget for browsing Windows WinStyle "homepages". If you don´t have Windows Sidebar for XP, you can get it here Download: en-US http://winstyle.ic.cz/data/en-us/WinStyle.gadget Multilanguage - cs-CZ, en-US, nl-NL, ru-RU http://winstyle.ic.cz/data/WinStyle.gadget Please try it and report if it working 100%
  4. Thanks, please run this script in work/school or on your friends coputers. We need know all CPUs which are possible
  5. Hello every one, 5eraph wrote for us script which can detect CPU & GPU. I need users which can test it. Extract Script_v2.7z then run Test_script.cmd and make screenshot. I really need it for adding correct Logos into sysdm.cpl Here is CPU list on which i need run this script, but others CPUs are also good AMD CPUs Athlon Athlon\64 Athlon\FX Athlon\X2 Athlon\XP Opteron Phenom Phenom\FX Phenom\II Sempron Turion Intel CPUs ATOM Celeron Celeron\D CENTRINO CENTRINO\2 CENTRINO\2\vPRO CENTRINO\ATOM Core Core\2 Core\2\Duo Core\2\Extreme Core\2\Quad Core\2\vPRO Core\I7 Pentium Pentium\4 Pentium\4\Extreme Pentium\4\HT Pentium\4\HT\Extreme Pentium\4\HT Pentium\4 Pentium\D Pentium\Extreme Xeon
  6. Are you sure, you are using clean Windows XP Installation with SP3? And for this pack you need ENU installation or make your own Update Pack (all updates are needed) with OnePiece Tool http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7027-tool-update-pack-addon-creator-intl/
  7. Ok, can you again help me please? I need add "fix" which will skip HTML and TXT files. Can you help me? I dont know how i can figure it... set /a NUM=0 if not exist "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" mkdir "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" >nul FOR %%f IN ("*.*") DO ( set /a ROENUM=!NUM!*5 If !ROENUM! LSS 10 (set "ROESTR=00!ROENUM!") ELSE ( If !ROENUM! LSS 100 (set "ROESTR=0!ROENUM!") ELSE ( set "ROESTR=!ROENUM!")) set "SWITCH=/q" set "NAME=%%f" set "FILENAMECHECK=%%f" if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~-4!"==".exe" ( if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,7!"=="DirectX" ( set "SWITCH=/Q /T:\"%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\DX\" /C:\"%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\DX\dxsetup.exe /silent\"" set "NAME=DirectX Redistributable") if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,15!"=="GamesForWindows" ( set "NAME=Games for Windows - LIVE") if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,11!"=="Silverlight" ( set "NAME=Microsoft Silverlight") if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,16!"=="windows-kb890830" ( set "NAME=Malicious Software Removal Tool") if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,7!"=="wlsetup" ( set "SWITCH=/silent" set "NAME=Windows Live Essentials") if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,8!"=="rootsupd" ( set "NAME=Root Certificates Update") if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,4!"=="msse" ( set "MSSE=1" set "NAME=Microsoft Security Essentials" "%%f" /Q /X:"%WIM%\Windows\Updates\MSSE" set "SWITCH=MSSE\setup.exe /s /runwgacheck /o") ) if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~0,11!"=="PlayReadyPC" ( if /I "!FILENAMECHECK:~-4!"==".msi" ( set "SWITCH=/quiet /norestart" set "NAME=PlayReady PC Runtime")) if /I "!MSSE!"=="1" (REG ADD %ROE%\!ROESTR! /ve /d "!NAME!" /f >nul REG ADD %ROE%\!ROESTR! /v "!NAME!" /d "%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\!SWITCH!" /f >nul) ELSE (REG ADD %ROE%\!ROESTR! /ve /d "!NAME!" /f >nul REG ADD %ROE%\!ROESTR! /v "!NAME!" /d "%WinDir%\Setup\Updates\%%f !SWITCH!" /f >nul) copy /Y "%%f" "%WIM%\Windows\Setup\Updates" >nul set /a NUM+=1 )
  8. Hey Rick, i searched on google and many peoles get this update... Why i cant see it on Microsoft Update? I have all updates installed... Yes I from europe - Czech Republic...
  9. But with which version? XP, 2003, 2007 or 2010?
  10. Why you not use google? EDIT: Second link on google :sleeping_03anim: http://www.thetechguide.com/howto/xpbootlogo/
  11. I search in Vista BETA for these games and all games are from Vista BETA 2 (Longhorn) 6.0.5231 P.S. if you want update your card games like solitaire etc, you can look here: http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27545-card-option-in-the-vista-games-on-xp/page__view__findpost__p__261535
  12. Yes, this works, thansk, but i need to hvae subfolders into cardlib.cab This command do only CAB with all files... The rigth command is: cabarc -r -p n test.cab *.* Thanks a lot Darky :thumbsup_anim:
  13. Hi, can some one help me with? I really want CMD script which will read all files in folder and make CAB archive with MSZIP compression - i need this compression because i moding ported Vista games XMLs in cardlib etc.
  14. Please think more and less spam forum :sweatingbullets:
  15. Thanks a lot N1K, I also working on Launcher program for Minesweeper. I want to have 90% - 100% working Vista games on XP. I´ve fixed some in Shanghai Solitaire and renamed it completly to Mahjong Titans and made it to looks like Vista/7 Mahjong Titans In Minesweeper it will be hard, because i need to know whats wrong with XML settings file... Here is source from Mahjong Titans Launcher, it working, but not 100% because if i run the game for first time launching works 100% But if you exit the game and try it run again, you need do it for 2 times => (2x click on mahjong.exe) x2 Mahjong Titans Launcher.rar P.S. Here is too cold this night if i was smoke on balcony was -22,6 Celsius and in morning was -14,8 Celsius. Brr, too cold... EDIT: I get a idea. But i dont know how to figure it. My idea is save all from tasklist.exe to TXT file and search for mahjong.exe. As i say, im beginner and i dont know how figure it...
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