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  1. Please format your brain :D

  2. Any ideas about getting CSY one? EDIT: Got it!
  3. Thats my problem, i get the link on patch day. But thats all. I couldn
  4. Hi, does anybody have KB2264107 for XP. If yes, can you upload it for me? I want to get it. But Microsoft has pulled it down??? I cant find it on Microsoft server... Look: http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/E/F/9EFDEA03-8986-416A-B31C-90BA3EAE773A/WindowsXP-KB2264107-x86-CSY.exe
  5. Added links for download standalone packages
  6. Yes, for all Essentials, I want to have it in True mode. Yes size will be bigger...
  7. No problem I build for me SVCPACK Addon for all LIVE things -> Latest Windows Live Essentials and Games for Windows Live. But i think, we can start work on TRUE of Windows Live Essentials for Update Pack, because its latest (final) version for XP.
  8. And what? If you don´t like beta testïng, don´t download it!
  9. New version 14.0.8117.0416 is out. I think its last version of Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 for XP.
  10. I can post link for standalone packages which i downloaded and now uploading for comunity... Both standalone installers are from 7601.16562.100603-1800_Update_Sp_Wave0-B1SP1.0_DVD.iso Download x86 (32-bit) Name: windows6.1-KB976932-x86-INTL.exe Size: 300 593 152 bytes (286 MB) MD5: 251F3B55A1AEAE5BDFD07F1394520BBB http://hotfile.com/dl/54441150/f678d53/ServicePack1X86.rar.html Download x64 (64-bit) Name: windows6.1-KB976932-x64-INTL.exe Size: 562 978 816 bajtů (536 MB) MD5: 639F6DF608E17805F6C61A02A134D8E5 http://hotfile.com/dl/54587939/2ae52ac/ServicePack1X64.rar.html Service Pack 1 Beta including 473 Hotfixes. Complete list and documentation is here: http://hotfile.com/dl/54537545/c30554b/ServicePack1Documents.rar.html
  11. Yes, you can burn ISO via UltraISO, than you can boot from disk and all will be ok
  12. You need burn ISO to DVD or make bootable USB. You can´t install older OS from newest... You must do clean install - format system drive And you need to slipstream this DP using DP Base http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/windows/xp/x86/mass-storage
  13. I tried to change font, but i know these bug aren
  14. Can some one tell me, when i can get this image without a text?
  15. Sorry for delay, here are screens with bugs... I used latest version of CAD 2010 and i tried translate it into CZECH language And here is language.txt, i think it can help you to fix these bugs... CAD 2010 Edition v1.7 Czech (Če
  16. Hello, i want to have support for all languages => when i translate language.txt not all letters are showing correct. Can you add support for all char coding?
  17. Is here a way how to get old style? It was better for me...
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