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  1. i installed the latest version(v6.0.6001.18000) is it normal? 3 sidebar.exe run in a time just with 2 gadgets..i found that only 2 sidebar.exe run simultaneously before.. i fully uninstalled it..and installed it again..still have same problems..any help?
  2. clock calendar cpumeter driveinfo slideshow btw, mine is v6.0.6000.16386 if i want to upgrade, i have to uninstall previous one or just overwrite it?
  3. ricktendo64, i realized that this windows sidebar increase the memory usage..it can up to 200MB if run for the whole day T_T i viewed the task manager, it do increase byte by byte.. how to solve that?
  4. the drag and drop part is not working..windows alert pop-out.. when the "right click and choose Patch and run vista executable" part, i got this alert.. i need help on this.
  5. i have this problem. i cant install it.. my OS is windows XP pro SP2. i did install KB940541 and IE7. i did reinstall the Alky..but still cant solve it please guide me on this
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