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  1. Hi DaRk, have you figured out if your addon works for you how you wrote? Or do have any idea for me what went wrong? Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  2. THX for your work :thumbsup_anim: But I wondered if its possbile that your TeraCopy-addon sets these 3 options automatically: This would be perfect, because at the first Windows-start I will have to set these options manually to replace the Windows-copy. Best regards and thanks a lot cool400 :icon_cool:
  3. @Raoul You can simply do this on your own! Install ViStart in your real XP and rename the settings.xml in settings_nl.xml. Then unpack the addon, unpack the ViStart.cab in a subfolder and copy the settings_nl.xml (which contains dutch language) into it. Now you can repack all files including the new one back to ViStart.cab (use TUGZip or another CAB-able packer). Replace the old ViStart.cab with your new one and add this code to your ViStart.inf: IMPORTANT: please change the bold red text to your language, otherwise you will indeed have the dutch ViStart installed but the uninstallation-text will stay in English! Now repack the three files ViStart.cab (your new one), ViStart.inf (your modified one) and Entries_ViStart.ini back to a ZIP- or 7Z-file - that's all!!! This way I extended Rick's addon with German. BTW, Rick, if you like I could post my modified addon and maybe Raoul could post his also, so that you could include two more languages! :thumbsup_anim: @Rick: When I first boot my freshly installed XP, ViStart doesn't work :-( I will have to kill it with Process Explorer and start it again manually from its folder. After this procedure it seems it works without any errors, but I ask myself, what went wrong? I really would like ViStart to work from the first boot. Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  4. @hamed This looks really nice! Is it the original Vista-Sidebar? The same one made available to XP by ricktendo64? If so, what's the difference/advantage of your sidebar compared to his sidebar, as I use it without any issues (or only little issues in some gadgets)? Is your sidebar also useable for my german XP and therefore localized? Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  5. :w00t: :w00t: Windows Mail for XP? I read something on AeroXP about that... Is there an nLite-Addon available for this? Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  6. @0d14r3 That's it!!! Thanks a lot for your help :thumbsup_anim: @Kel If you like I can email you the "rewritten" addon with German as the default-language. And if it's okay for you I will post this addon in my german forum with credits to you! Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  7. Thanks a lot for your answer - now I did it :thumbsup_anim: Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  8. Hi Kel, is there a way to localize your Notepad++ 5.0.3-addon to my native language German? Best regards cool400 :icon_cool:
  9. Sorry if this has already been answered (I really couldn't find it in this thread), but I can't manage it to include my own gadgets in this addon :crying_anim02: This is what I did: I unpacked rick's Sidebar-addon and opended the "gadgets.exe" with WinRar. Now I moved to one of the both "(Shared) Gadgets"-folders and simply copied my downloaded "*.gadget"-files. Then I compress all files back to a 7z-archive and included it in my nLite-ISO. But this seems to be not enough...this gadgets don't appear (wether automatically nor manually) when the sidebar starts. What went wrong? Do I have to do anything with my downloaded "*.gadget"-files before copying them into one of the above folders? Best regards and thanks a lot for your help cool400 :icon_cool: P.S. Do I need the data.bin-file for some gadgets like Texas Hold'Em etc.? Is there a way to get this file without having to install Vista Ultimate (I have a valid-serial, but Vista is not installed right now)?
  10. Hi Rick, this is really great work!!! I just like to know if there is a way right now to install your sidebar and Alky silently/unattended (e.g. via WPI)? Best regards cool400
  11. @LUZR4LIFE Thanks for this plugin - could you please update it to the latest version? Best regards cool400
  12. Hi Rick, I would be very glad about a reply to my above question Best regards cool400
  13. Could you tell me with which font and parameteres you made the text (and maybe with which app)? Best regards cool400
  14. WOW - the new Vista-theme looks really cool!!! Is there really a Dock integrated? Can't wait to try it out myself later at home today... I'm getting more and more familiar with WPI - it's a really usefull app for my nLite-DVD! BTW, I've got one request: I really like the possibility to exclude some apps if a special app is checked to be installed (e.g. that you don't use two different firewalls or virus-scanners). But what I'm missing is a (mouse-over) tip that says which app(s) avoid this app from being checked! It's because I'm not the only one using my nLited, WPIed XP-DVD I know which apps exclude themselves, because I built the DVD - my friends or family don't (and they will be asking me again and again...and again...and again ) I would really appreciate any comment on this! Best regards cool400 P.S. Not to bother you, Kel - but I saw that the "Free Download!"-picture in the top left corner of the WPI-homepage says "Windows Post-Insall Wizard v6.4" P.P.S. The new Vista-theme is awesome!!! I really like it - it's the best theme I ever saw! But it's not localized - I have english text on the buttons (I've got a German windows)...
  15. @Ricktendo64 I would like to ask a question again that has already been asked three weeks before: is there a way to install your really cool sidebar with an Installer and hopefully with silent/unattended-switches? I ask this because I want to have the possibility to integrate your sidebar in my WPI, so that I can choose wether I want to install it or not (for my not-so-freaky-as-me-family-members ). Best regards cool400
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