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  1. By Export you mean Extract? If i extract with 7zip i receive about 10 levels of subdirectories with a manifest.xml file on top which i think contains information for windows how to choose the correct drivers. The .cab file contains all possible drivers for hardware variations of the dell model I have (E6540), not just the hardware that is actually installed. Also the .inf files are buried somewhere in the subfolders which contain hunderds of files each, among them .exe installers which i would have to extract as well to get down to the .inf files. I would not even know where to start. Or maybe I misunderstood your answer. Still confused on how to approach this.
  2. I have a driver.cab from dell with all drivers for my laptop model which i would like to integrate in a windows image. Can the toolkit work with this .cab file and include it in my windows image to install everything automatically? Extracting the .cab file down to the .inf files and manually including them is quite inconvenient but is the only option i can see. Please help.
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