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  1. Hello, I have already slipstreamed windows updates from WUD update list located here using the WUD downloader. Everything has been slipstreamed accordingly without errors. Once I attempt to integrate this addon there is this issue. I have also tried to use an original SP1 image as well and that has given me the same issue. The screenshot and error log is located below. Screenshot of error dialog with cmd prompt Error Log 2 Any ideas as to why? Thanks.
  2. Having some issues integrating the addon. I have an error stating that "Windows could not configure one or more system components....". Screenshot below. However looking at the setupact.log (again listed below), I cant seem to find the reasons why. Could you assist me in determining why I am getting this error? Screenshot of error dialog Error Log
  3. Is the addon still working? I have successfully integrated into Windows 7 however during the installation process setup fails halfway through the install. Used a VM btw...
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