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  1. Update: I have found a partial fix for Windows Mail (and it was a stroke of luck too). When I upload the updated files, they will contain a patched msoe.dll that prevents the program from crashing but does not enable the work offline feature. It will say it works offline sometimes but still attempts to connect. It does not seem to repeatedly attempt connecting if you aren't moving around, which would be very annoying. But it will popup a window asking to work offline as you click through the program; for example, clicking an unread email prompts it to attempt connecting to the server, and it will give you a popup in about ten seconds. This is better than it crashing though, and I am happy I found it. Here is the solution as posted by asionnach on SevenForums: "I've identified the problem with offline mode causing windows mail to crash in windows 7. Perhaps for many it isn't an issue but it means that you cannot use windows mail without an internet connection when you have IMAP accounts set up. No internet connection and you're stuck with a modal dialogue box prompting to connect or go offline (and crash). The crash is caused when the Vista msoe.dll tries to call the function SetShellOfflineState in shdocvw.dll. There are a few solutions to this: 1. Copying the shdocvw.dll into your windows mail directory from vista. 2. Patch the vista msoe.dll to not call SetShellOfflineStat. To do this, open it with a hex editor and... x64: Change the five bytes at hex address 4E159 as follows: E8 4D 21 17 00 -> 90 90 90 90 90 x86: Change the five bytes at hex address 41525 as follows: E8 1A 8B 0E 00 -> 90 90 90 90 90 In each case, what we're doing is replacing the five bytes making the call to SetShellOfflineStat with five no operation instructions (do nothing). 3. A third possible solution would be to patch the msoe.dll that comes with windows 7. I've done a bit of work on this, using the vista one for comparison, and it seems that there are loads of places where the binary has been modified to exit and do nothing - probably why windows mail doesn't start. It's probably more trouble than it's worth, but this is a newer version of the dll, without any call to SetShellOfflineStat. Would be very interesting to see how it runs if anyone was to fully patch it to work. Might fix the annoying problem with both of the other fixes whereby selecting a new IMAP folder prompts you to connect or go offline (again)." Number 2 was the best because while it seems to work the same as number 1, it doesn't require an extra file and it snubs it at the source, whereas with 1 I fear it might find a way to the Windows 7 version of shdocvw.dll as it bounces around between system files and then crash. Number 3 just shows you how much money and determination M$ put into breaking this feature in Windows 7. I doubt if one went to all the work of patching the Windows 7 msoe.dll if it would work out at all, not if they've messed it up that much. I still wonder if the Milestone 1 version would fix this, it will depend on whether SetShellOfflineStat was still used in that version or not, meaning there is a good chance that those dlls won't make it work any better, but I may still try eventually.
  2. Apologies. I made a mistake when zipping these files up after fixing them. Until I upload the fixed addons, you must use 7zip to extract them and take the files inside and put them in the root of a new archive compressed as a .7z on Ultra compression, changing the extension to .WA. Sorry about that.
  3. I'm making an updated version of my Windows 7 install disc with some issues I found fixed and I thought I'd share a few addons while I'm at it. The first on adds Texas Hold 'Em, Sudoku, and as a added bonus, 3D Pinball/Space Cadet. The second one adds Windows Movie Maker with DVD Maker for full functionality, Windows Mail, Wordpad and Notepad without ribbons, and reinstall scripts in case M$ "updates" any files that are replaced by this addon (there should be links to them under start menu>all programs>accessories>maintenance). I originally added Windows Media Player 11, because I like it better, but I had tons of ridiculous problems, server errors, glitchy gui when running full screen, so I changed to just the Windows Media Player toolbar, but it seems Microsoft broke it with one of their updates and it wouldn't work, so sadly no WMP11 goodies are included. No Vista theme either. They laid a trap in the Uxtheme.dll. If we patch it, it breaks certain programs, like newer versions of Virtualbox. The games are all tested and seem to work fine. The programs are also tested, and aside from one important issue, seem to work fine. The reinstall scripts all seem to work as well. Also, I ripped all of these files (except Sudoku) straight from the Windows XP and Vista installation media and Windows Update, so I know that they are pure and untampered with. Legacy Games Addon: For x86: Download For x64: Download Windows Vista Essentials Addon: For x86: Download For x64: Part 1 Part 2 *You will need to register Movie Maker dlls using a script ran at Windows startup or using the WinToolkit installer (if that even works, it's been a while since I used the program and I never used that feature). You can look up tutorials for manually installing Movie Maker on Windows 7 or you can wait for me to add the cmd here (if I get around to it). Known Issues: 1. If you are not connected to the internet, Windows Mail asks you to work offline, which it does not do in Vista. When you tell it to work offline, the program crashes. The only fix I can think of, might be to get the beta version of msoe.dll from Windows 7 Milestone 1, all versions: x86, x64, and wow64. I have sent Maxtorix a message asking him to reupload the files. but I will also attempt to get access to the Beta Archive and grab those files myself (which will be a lot harder). If someone else has those files and can provide them, that would also be good. 2. sfc scannow command kills Windows Mail, Wordpad, and Paint. I have reinstall scripts to put everything back, but I could fix the registry in the future so this never happens. 3. Windows Update will probably eventually kill Windows Mail, Wordpad, and Paint, but again, I made reinstall scripts, so the only way for M$ to mess everything up is to bug the OS so they don't work, which hopefully they will not do.
  4. I have been putting together an addon that bundles Windows Vista Mail, Calendar, Movie Maker, Dreamscenes, Hold 'Em, and a few other extras. The problem is that I need to register some dll files after Windows install using the regsvr32 command, but I cannot figure out the [RunCMD] part of the tasks file (I read both tutorials on the subject and tried addonmaker), nor can I figure out how simply execute a cmd after install like I could with nlite and Windows XP. Without this neither Windows Movie Maker nor Windows Media Player toolbar will work. Could someone help me with this? Thanks. (Also, I intend to upload this to the community when I have it working.)
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