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  1. I want to boot from USB and then leave the PC alone and have all programs and updates installed unattended.
  2. It is for convenience, just like the funktion that already exists is. Just depends on what format of update files is more convenient for you to obtain. For both formats you can use 7zip to extract the msp. But if you have an automation for one format, why not include the other? Office updates come in both types.
  3. Hm, I will test if i get the same problem if I leave out the updates and only add netframework and then silent installs. I guess this will help to narrow down the problem some more. If it is indeed the updates that cause the problem I will try simplix pack. Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. I wrote this in the old toolkit section first: could the .exe to .msp converter accept .cab files as well as .exe files? Windows update catalog provides .cab files but is a very usefull source for update files.
  5. Microsoft update catalog is quite usefull for downloading a large amount of update files. But they come in .cab format. The /extract command works on these too. Would be convenient if the toolkit would accept .cab files as well, not only .exe. Kind regards. edit: ops sry, just read about the "do not post request" a second to late
  6. So far I have these observations: if I integrate no silent installs it works properly. if I do not integrate the netframe4.5.2 addon it works fine even with silent installs if I integrate netframe addon and silent installs i get a blanc screen at the end (to clarify: i get fullscreen blue windows background and i can see the mouse pointer) the installation itself does not seem to be messed up. everything is working after i open the task manager, log off and then log on again.
  7. I used a windows 7 sp1 image and integrated all missing updates, IE11, NetFramework4.5.2 AddOn, various drivers, MaliciousSoftwareRemovalTool as silent install, several Programs as silent Install: firefox, office, skype... Installing from a USB stick. When the installation is done and the last silent install finishes, i am left with a blanc screen. I can use ctrl, alt, del to open up task manager, then log off and immediatly log on again and then i get everything there should be. Is this a known issue? is there a work around? Kind regards, and thanks for this great tool.
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