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  1. I have tested a little-bit. No more problems with icons. It is problem with save settings. When I load settings, there are only few of them. All from right part of the table. No 'personal options', 'non-personal options', 'editable options', 'including plugins', additional software'and 'create shortcuts'. That's all for a moment.
  2. Exact name of the icon is "Mozilla Firefox". I don't know it is in every install or randomly. I haven't time to check it out. This icon is visible, but it doesn't exist, and disappeared when I restart system. Weird, isn't it? By the way I have Windows XP. One more thing. When I press 'set proxy', I got an error: 20091116-115316.rar
  3. Thanks Jonnyboy. It works like a charm, at the moment. It is almost perfect. Almost, because I've got 2 icons on desktop. One - Mozilla Firefox, is not active, and second - Firefox is the right one. But it is detail. This tool is much better and faster, than previous. Congratulations.
  4. By the way, Tete has SSE2 optimized Firefox too. I have it at the moment.
  5. Thanks. This one is working. Let's see. sorry I have got error as on picture and nothing happened after that. I enclosed logs and picture. It's time to sleep. jj.rar
  6. Sorry, it is not. 1 new process mshta.exe- no activity, and (I don't know the name) something on taskbar. That's all.
  7. Sorry, it isn't work. No popups. No screens. Generally nothing.
  8. It is problem, whatever I'll do - yes or no - program doesn't start. I have the picture nr 3. That's all.
  9. Sorry, it doesn't work for me. "Type mismatch" error again.
  10. I have XP Pro and it's true - "View Hidden Files\Folders" in folder options is enabled. When, I do disabled is the same. "Type mismatch" error.
  11. I have problem with Ayakawa 3.0.8pre. "Silent" was without extensions, gm_scripts and user.js. Log attached. Ayakawa 3.1b4pre just the opposite, is full and perfect. logfile.rar
  12. I've tested the new one and it doesn't work. " It is error o the site line: 1821 sign:3 error: could not find path code:0 URL:.../firefox.hta do you want to start script on this site?" version 0.501 works correct
  13. Thanks Jonnyboy, Works great at the moment and very much appreciated Mate.
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