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  1. I much prefer the classic GUI of this version over the new DC version - this repack is my standard install for all the computers I maintain. - this repack is compatible with with all versions of Windows from WinXP to Win10. However you MUST have the Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable runtime installed or the Reader will not start. In some cases you will get a helpful error message if a non-compatible Visual C++ runtime is installed - but in other cases you just get a cryptic message that does not identify the cause of the failure. Check your installed programs list (Control Panel->Programs & Features [aka Add, Remove Programs]) - you are looking for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable" (you do need the 2010 version) - it needs to be the x86 version - the x64 version is only used by 64bit applications. With a clean Win10 install there are NO versions of the Visual C++ Redistributable package installed. This repack appears to install without any issues but when you attempt to run Adobe Reader XI Lite you get an error message (which makes no mention of Visual C++) and none of the offered options allows the application to run. The error message reads: Adobe Reader cannot open in Protected Mode due to an incompatibility with your system configuration. You are offered three options the first two attempt to bypass the issue and the third aborts. If you choose either of the first two options you get a further error: Acrobat failed to load Core DLL Installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable package solves this issue.
  2. I had this type of error when attempting the auto-update from v1.7.9 direct to v 1.9.9 You might try deleting the UniExtract.ini file and then restarting the program If that doesn't work it is easiest to do a clean install - using the latest installer from the link in the first post of this thread Note: I am currently seeing warnings from Google and Norton re the ricktendo.info website - but if you ignore the warning and manage to download the file it is clean
  3. Just posting to confirm that adding the Checkers.api plugin fixes the problem I reported above. (post #208) Nayansu posted this fix above (post #211) - many thanks - hope it may help others that encounter this problem The AcroForm.api plugin is included in the Lite repack already - which I presume is to allow the processing of electronic (pdf) forms - however it appears you also need the Checkers.api if the form includes verified date fields Maybe this should be made a standard inclusion at some point.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on my post above (Post Number #208) Re "Fillable Form Fields" not working in the Lite Repack ??
  5. There is a PDF feature which appears to be called "fillable form fields" that does not work correctly in the Lite version- can anyone tell me if this feature should be working in the Lite version? You can fill in and save data for all the alphabetic text fields - but none of the date fields retain any data as you type - each entry is cleared as soon as you click on another field box - and all date entries are cleared when you save Everything works OK in the full version Not sure if it is just some PDF forms that have this problem or all of them - a non-working example linked below I uploaded an example PDF to my server here: http://www.stargateuk.info/transfer/IHT_217_TEST.pdf Or if you prefer direct from the UK Gov website here: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/371956/iht217.pdf Real pain to have to load the full version just to get this to work - any assistance or info would be appreciated DougCuk - Computer Support Engineer - London UK
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