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  1. Gorki, all I can find/see is a link to the Micro$oft site, not a link to download your addon. Am I missing something here or is your DL link gone? THX. :
  2. I use the Kaspersky Internet Suite. It would be outstanding if someone could do this for the English version of K.I.S. THX!
  3. After some study I "think" I figured it out. I hope so anyways, as I used it in building my modded XP install disc.
  4. I found this item: Ricks_WinRAR3.7Plus_AddOn.cab I presume this is the correct file. Thanks for your patience.
  5. OK, I re-installed to "%ProgramFiles%\WinRAR". The programm ran without a problem. I now have this folder the drive where I ran the program: WinRaR_AAM with folders WinRaR & Options under it. This may well be a DUMB question, but what part of this folder structure is used with nLite or Ryan's Integrator to integrate this addon into my custom XP Disc? Sorry for my ignorance. And thanks for your patient help.
  6. Will this work if my Winrar intall is somewhere else other than "%ProgramFiles%\WinRAR"? I have in installed C:\WinRar. Thanks.
  7. I downloaded the file & I have Winrar. I guess I'm REALLY dumb or stupid, but I can't seem to be able to understand EXACTLY how to modify this file with my bookmarks, extensions & preferences & plugins/addons etc. I'd be eternally appreciative if someone could detail this in exacting detail so this "dumb" brain can understand. I'm sure this is probably simple, but I'm just not seeing it at the moment. Thanks very,very much for your kind & understanding help.
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