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  1. any one help the download link is not working
  2. I could not download please help me
  3. hi how to download wintoolkit 2.xxx and wintoolkit 1.5.4. because the link is not working
  4. I merge windows 7 windows 8 and windows 8.1 wim file togater and I want to install all these os's with out user interaction for this I have to create a autounattend file but the problem is here that in DVD root folder I can one autounattend file just for windows 7 or windows 8 or windows 8.1 I can not have 3 autounattend.xml file for these thee file becasue the name file is the same I mean when I create autounattend file for windows 7 and save that and after create autounattned file for windows 8 the previous autounattend.xml for windows 7 will be deleted I want to have 3 autounattend file for these three Os's in one install.wim file
  5. Friends Please tell me where is the root I mean where I should copy the unattend.xml file
  6. So you mean when I want to mount windows 8 and I mounted to D:\NewFolder so I should placed the Autounattend file into newfolder folder ?
  7. Hi How I Copy ? I mean where I should Copy the Autounattend.xml I have a install.wim file and I merge windows 7 8 8.1 and 10 together in one wim file and I want to have autounattend.xml for all these os and after installation complete for every os unattend file should be applied but how ? because in DVD root folder I can have one autounattend.xml file just for one OS not for all but I want to apply for all ? please help me
  8. Hi dears I newly come in this forum sorry because I could not find any place to directly tell my problem I want know that for example I have three windows like windows 7,8,10 in one install.wim If I want to create for each a Autounattend.xml just I can have one autounattend file for one of them because they are located in on DVD directory I want to have autounattend.xml for every of my my os in one install.wim I read in one site the told that I can copy autounattend.xml in c:\windows\system32\sysprep\autounttend.xml please help me
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