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  1. Check out my post in the "What do you think of Windows 7" thread,it may be helpful.
  2. I am a 59 year old computer geek.I got started about 9 years ago,and love it! I am married and live in Abbotsford,BC,Canada.

  3. Well,I've got Win 7 Pro RTM installed on my Pentium 4 3 gig,2 gig ram,ati x1650 pro agp video,and asus p4s800dx mobo,and I love it!! I've got the theme i've been waiting for (basic black) and restart time from shutdown to desktop in 55 seconds! It runs great,games perform well,and it does everything I need it for!! I still have XP installed in a dual-boot config just in case but so far i've been using 7 as the primary os,and will continue to do so. The only thing i take issue with is everyone saying that win 7 boots faster than vista or xp! While it may be faster than vista,my xp config boots in 18 seconds,while 7 boots in approximately 35-40 seconds or 55 seconds if you go from shutdown to desktop,as i said earlier. So I think it is a very well made,and great fun to use os. Thank you. P.S:As others have said,this is what vista should have been,and let's face it,sooner or later xp will be gone,and i'm not into linux that much,and i'm definitely not a mac fan! (no offense to mac users) Just my view.
  4. Okay,about a month ago my bios says it detects a usb mass storage device,and won't boot until i enable usb controllers and enable "stop ehci handover to ohci",so I do that,the comp boots after checking for usb devices and not finding any,"00 mass storage devices detected",because I don't have any usb devices at all! And if disable usb in the bios and reboot,I get a choice of pressing F1 to resume or entering bios to enable the "stop ehci handover" thing.I was always able to disable usb before with no problems,and then this started.It pmo,but I don't know how to fix it. Anyone know about this sort of problem,and what I can do to fix it? :confused02: My Specs: Asus P4S800-DX mobo WD 160gig pata hdd 2 gig kingston pc3200 ddr ram gforce fx 5500 agp video card mitsumi cd-burner floppy drive-standard ide standard ms ata ide controllers AMi bios 1006.002 beta
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