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  1. 3.5 final is out ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/fir...Setup%203.5.exe please update
  2. i cannot receive any data,why??i have wait a long time
  3. it had been updated to and the new version would work without .Net Framework
  4. could you tell me how to add shortcut to desktop ??
  5. http://www.uawiki.org/doku.php?id=silent_a...db%3a%6fverview this url for switches is not available,could you give me the other one? thanks
  6. this is not for Nlite Addon??? i can't see any entries_xxxx.ini
  7. but i wanna do it by myself in order to add my language files (of courese not English ) into the nlite Addon
  8. hello , rick the WLM had been updated to 14.0.3921.0717 (here's download link: http://www.jcxp.net/downloads/WLM.14.0.3921.717-JCXP.rar ) could you also update this addon builders ? thanks
  9. i edited luna.the and found that [Control Panel\Desktop] Wallpaper=%WinDir%web\wallpaper\Bliss.bmp TileWallpaper=0 WallpaperStyle=2 Pattern= ScreenSaveActive=0 your wallpaper is bliss.jpg is this the key wrong??
  10. hello , i succesfully apply your package of dark's as default by following your method but, it seems to not to use wallpaper as default as well could you fix the package of dark's again?
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