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  1. Ok man no worries Thnx Btw what happened to your DirectX CPL
  2. Ok don't know if it's pack-rleated.. but I end up each time with an IE/WMP-less XP lately... GUI or batch same result btw
  3. He's a co-fellow from Project alchemist.. Im not sure if Im that much active myself either way.. lol
  4. I know you! lol Well seen ya somewhere ya know
  5. Got it.. now if I could figure out what ALL resources are and how.. I might have a shot at red.. lol But Im afraid that's a bit over my head tho
  6. That one? PS.. how do you do the res thing.. kinda new to that unless there's other ways too Thnx
  7. Ok small question.. and if you can't help me it's alright guys.. but how do I change the icon of the Windows Setup program?
  8. Ok guys.. don't know if any of ya been keeping track.. but I think I had onepiece's pack working with XPtsp now
  9. Np man.. like I said was only wondering
  10. Hey guys.. any new updates on this Just wondering.. thnx
  11. Well I will try xable's.. and if that doesn't work Im giving this one a try.. thnx guys
  12. yea.. it's just Ive noticed if I use other packs than onepiece's ms/windows update claims some updates are not installed
  13. So it's not me only.. Ive been working with his updatepack and when I try out the result in virtualbox I have no IE or WMP
  14. Is there a vote... lol My top is red.. green.. black... lol Too much blue.. and the purple one's a bit freaky lol But that red one rocks.. been waiting on something like that On a sidenote... I have tested that animated gina dll with an XPTSP... The options showed.. but the stand by and hibernate buttons were grayed out
  15. @ Raoul Denk dat ze op ryanvm's forum meer de nederlandse promoten Hangt er waarschijnlijk ook vanaf of iemand tijd heeft om die boel te doen...
  16. Ooo sorry.. in reply to your question on the black tsp thread.. nope I used render clouds in Photoshop But I like yours... http://www.forcesoftao.be/images/paper.jpg
  17. Now that was just nwaiting to be made huh lol Erm.. what's that last comment
  18. Hey man.. I saw you made a red bootscreen.. can I get that in English, ENU?
  19. Remember I said something bout red.. Here's a little experiment I just did lol
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