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  1. I am currently doing a custom Windows 7 mod and I ahve had a request for rainmeter to be installed with custom skins all preinstalled as default. How would this be achieved?
  2. Yes its similar but the unattended is very different unfortunately
  3. Is there a guide to making Win7 unattended. I'm currently doing a Win7 mod and I want to hide the key being entered etc. Thanks, IiTz ShAnE
  4. It says its adding the addon but freezes. Wont do anything. Can't even cancel it or minimize it. Always freezes doing this
  5. It sometimes freezes on me when I'm integrating stuff. Don't know if its just me. Anyone else had this ?
  6. Nice. Would it be possible to do all this to include in a custom build. I'm planning on doing one you see and well so save users the job really.
  7. No offense mate but you sig rules are a bit strict.. 260x80px :thumbsdown_anim: standard size for a sig these days is around 350x110. This is the only site i know whith sig rules like that. Anyways glad to be here
  8. Hey, I'm Shane and I am a Vista Modder I do my builds for NewAge-OS I'm here to learn more and hopefully place what I find here in future builds
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