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  1. I've installed Windows 7 Toolkit (the latest version - 0.50.42 alpha) and Windows 7 WAIK. After selecting updates to integrate in the Update Integrator tool, I receive the message "WIM Filters missing. Please install WIM filters and try again." Can anyone shed any light on this? Edit: I've even used Reaper's instructions/links to no avail.
  2. Any results of how well this new build tested? Just curious, as I will soon need to download the newest VMWare and want to "Lite" it. Thanks!
  3. Edit: Just read the entire thread...found that the answer to my question has already been discussed. Sorry about that... Hey Ricktendo64: Thanks for the great VMWare package! I religiously downloaded this version to add to my silent install dvds. Do you plan on continuing to update this slimmed down VMWare with new versions that come out (ie: VMware Workstation 7.0 Build 203739 - 10/27/2009), or are you officially finished with this addon? Just curious, as I am updating programs to put on a new Windows 7 silent install dvd and am not sure if I should wait for your addon or download the whole package... Thanks!
  4. He just told you how to make your very own custom VMWare!!
  5. Hey...just to let you know...if you use this silent installer with Vista and put the silent installer either in one of your first logon commands or setupcomplete.cmd, the computer will restart BEFORE initializing the first desktop. This means that all commands that were queued in First Logons or setupcomplete (like WPI) will NOT be run. To fix this problem, I simply edited the config.txt of the 7-zip silent installer and added a "/norestart" switch to the "RunProgram=" line of code. Config.txt ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" RunProgram="VMWAREtools.msi /qn /norestart" ;!@InstallEnd@! This fixed the restart problem before the first desktop loaded for me, and all drivers still installed fine upon my next CONTROLLED restart. Maybe you want to incorporate the "/norestart" switch into your future VMWare tools 7-zip silent installer releases. --radigast
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