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  1. Does that mean that these ad-infected links are there by purpose of the original developer(s)? Oh my, if someone wants to earn money with his software, (s)he should plainly sell it instead of infecting it with ads! I would not give such things a place in my forum. Anyway, thanks for your effort, Nik.
  2. I went to http://www.wincert.net/forum/files/ and used the "Download" button, which links to a file "WinToolkit_1.", with a size of 10.256.282 bytes, containing a file named WinToolkit.exe. When I try to go to any of the links in the "Downloads" menu of the program, i. e. the pages to download the Windows ISO files, the browser tries to open a page which most propably just contains ads (URL looks like adf.ly or something alike, I closed it immediately) instead to the Microsoft page with the ISO file(s). The same happens when I try to go to the Firefox download page. Somehow someone stupid but greedy (does (s)he think this will not be noticed?) must have been able to replace the 7z-file on your server or something else. Regards, Adhater
  3. Hi! Somehow WinToolkit must have been the victim of a malware/adware infection. I just downloaded the latest version, and alle the www links inside the program (like those in the "Downloads" menu) lead to ad-infected pages, not to the ones they should. Regards, Adhater
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