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  1. hi Jonnyboy, do u mind checking on the servers in the exe, It seems there are some problems with this e.g Tete 2.14 or 15. Thank you
  2. thank you , will this one install from the *.inf? sorry for the error!
  3. is it possible to have this install from *.info other than intergration? thank you
  4. thank you Jonnyboy. the fix did the trick. It is all smiles here
  5. "*** Simulating AddOn archive creation... ** Checking if all required "firefox.cab" files exist... ** Checking if required "i386" file(s) exist... !- 1 error(s): - L2 File Not Found: 10123.fox !- 1 error(s). !!!!- Critical error(s) detected, process aborted. *** Deleting temporary folder... *** DONE! *** Press any key to terminate ." Also got that, what does this mean? Although at the end I got an Addon-is this a good Addon? Thank you
  6. A newbie starts the first post in the introduction side...hmmm What do you think
  7. hi Rick, is it possible to make the "frame"(size) of this display somewhat small.. I feel the toast is too big when it displays the window. Thank you
  8. ok , Jonnyboy I had time and tested this one too on Virtualbox. All seems to run well here at the time
  9. Ok. I wanted to test it, so I extracted it on the desktop and installed it from there. but I don't think that is the problem..or?
  10. I tried this on a working system, all is fine but I dint like that "notepad" display at every windows start-up. can you remove this please? Thank you
  11. thia works out great, thank you very much BUT do you mind making a similar one for Thunderbird if it is possible?
  12. hi where can I download more gadgets to add to this sidebar? Thank you
  13. yes Rick, funny enough, I installed the german version on a german XP3:- virtual box all is fine, but on the real Laptop(Notebook), the calender is not even shown..is that not funny? thank YOU RICK FOR THE REPLY
  14. I wanted to have a good calender but mine doesnt have that..Any ideas? Thank you
  15. qwesta


    I found myself here, I don't know how but I'm here anyway. Greetings to all on da board
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