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  1. Are you running Windows XP?? Other than the "success.html" and the "error.html", the only other html page is an operating system error page ("os.html") if Windows XP is not detected and that should halt the extraction process. The only other thing I could think of is that the batch file was trying to open the html page before it was created (I've had that problem with another project). I have it create each html file after extracting each gadget then deleting the html file once opened. I did this for my own preferences to have a confirmation whether everything extracted OK or not and to include the gadget name in the html page. I have updated the files today and included a delay that should allow your PC time to create the file before opening it. If that does not fix the problem please send more details and maybe a screenshot of the error. Yes it can be disabled but you would have to use the batch file option which would display the cmd windows when extracting and edit the batch file manually. Let me know and I can paste the edited batch file to remove the html pages. This project is temporarily still a batch file but I am currently writing a "Real" program to do this in between my other projects. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if the newest upload fixes the error. Fmustang76
  2. Check out the below forum thread. I have created a program that will extract gadgets automatically. And for the "delay load" error you can check the same thread below for modified Wireless gadgets that do not cause that error. Please leave any feedback whether either suggestion worked for you or not. Thanks To Auto extract Gadgets after Program Install: 1: Download a new gadget to your hard drive. 2: Double Click the new gadget to auto extract into the shared gadgets folder. 3: Open sidebar and gadget should be there in the Gadget Gallery. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=485 Post #3 Fmustang76
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the Gadget Extractor program. For those of you who do not know what that is, once installed all you have to do is: 1: Download a new gadget to your hard drive. 2: Double Click the new gadget to auto extract into the shared gadgets folder. 3: Open sidebar and gadget should be there in the Gadget Gallery. The new install files can be downloaded in Post #3 of this topic. If you try it, let everyong know how it works for you. Thanks Fmustang76
  4. Those of you considering this I have followed the steps above on my Dell B130 laptop twice now. Instead of Partition Magic I used Acronis Disk Director, but both work basically the same. I was lucky and had no problems with drivers or devices not working properly(except there is no AERO driver made for my graphics card) but Dell did have Vista drivers available. Be aware that not all graphics cards will support the AERO(Glass) so make sure to check the maker of graphics card to see if they have updated drivers. I have had no problems with my system being messed up and have twice now installed and removed Vista, and then re-merged the partitions with no problems (First was Vista beta, second I use XP more so decided to remove vista for now). And some of you may want to remove Vista so I wanted to make a note to help you from my experience. As for editing the Vista boot loader(changing os names, boot menu time, os order, save) I recommend the Vista Boot Pro(Freeware) which makes editing the Vista boot menu easy and if you decide to remove Vista it can remove the Vista boot menu and replace the XP boot menu with a mouse click. http://vistabootpro.org/ To remove Vista: 1- Backup your system. 2- Boot to Xp and run VistaBootPro 3- Remove the Vista Boot Menu and Restore Xp Boot Menu. 4- Restart and Verify Xp boot menu is functioning & Xp boots as normal. 5- Format Vista Partition. Re-Merge with primary partition using Partition Magic if desired. I used the above process twice without error but check below if you have any problems using the above removal process or don't want to use third party tools. http://www.windowsreinstall.com/winvista/uninstall/index.htm Fmustang76
  5. Since there is a problem with with what seems to be the wireless api for XP, and several of us want or try to use the wireless network gadgets, I have removed the problem code from the original gadgets so they will work with the Vista RTM Sidebar as a tempoary fix. I have left everything else as it was but because of the this problem, they do have limited functionality, as they will not display the wireless SSID or network address, which was causing the delay-load errors for those gadgets. Otherwise, as designed, they do work as signal strength meters displaying whether there is a connection, how strong a connection, and is it a secure connection or not, with the options depending on the gadget. Go to the download website and select the gadget to download. Network Gadget Download Website I have only tested these on my laptop so I give no guarantee they will work but please let this forum know if they work for you or not. Thanks Fmustang76
  6. First off I just wanted to also say thanks Ricktendo64 And Everyone Else That Contributed!!! Sidebar Works great!!! Update 7/14/07: NEW VERSION!! Built using .NET 2.0 which is required and can be downloaded below: Now is anyone interested in a way to auto extract the downloaded gadget files?? I recommend using Version 3 if you have or can install .NET 2.0 The new version 3 does not use a batch file and was built using .Net 2.0. If you want the batch file option or the exe wrapped batch file so that the batch window is not seen during extraction (Gadget Extractor Version 2), I have left the ones I created below in the download section. All versions only work with XP and expect the sidebar be installed in the below folder which is the default install folder. If it is not, download the manual install and edit the batch and registry files accordingly. Version 2 and above should no longer require 7zip be installed Required Sidebar Install Path: "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\" I give no guarantees that these will work but please let me know if they do or don't work and I'll do my best to fix them if posssible. Those that can, feel free to modify or fix the batch file for any reason or to improve it. Anyone that wants the souce code just PM me. If it works now or after modification maybe it can be included with the sidebar install package. All files were scanned for viruses just before upload using AVG Free with most recent database. Fmustang76 -------------------------------------DOWNLOAD SECTION---------------------------------- NEW VERSION If you want to try version 3, it is packaged into a standard windows installer. This one requires .NET 2.0 be installed. Gadget Extractor Version 3 Package .NET 2.0 Redistibution Package 22.4MB How to extract gadgets after Gadget Extractor Version 3 is installed: 1. Download gadget and save to hard drive. 2. Double click gadget file to extract or 3. Open gadget extractor and select gadget file to extract. If the gadgets file type association becomes corrupted, just run Gadget Extractor to auto fix the file type associations(version 3 Only). OLD VERSIONS If you want to try Version 2, it is packaged into a standard windows installer and installs everything needed. Gadget Extractor Version 2 Package If you want to use the batch file itself or manually install download the file below. Manual Install Gadget Extractor Package
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