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  1. Thx man but i've got the old version from a keznews link anyway its hopeless it doesn't work ! The sidebar it's starts in the procces manager but nothing is showing on the desktop !
  2. Rick can you pls give me a link where i can get the old sidebar instaler ?
  3. I use Vista transformation pack 7 and Pack-Vista-inspirat 2-1.0 . Man i don't get it until 2 month ago it worked great, but a had to reinstall the OS and i didn't installed your sidebar and now... let's see if this helps i have win xp SP2 i got IE7 and WMP11 i don't have netframework 3 i have 2 because i can't install 3 that i got from keznews forum. What could be wrong ?
  4. I can't install because i get this message : Error loading setupx.dll The specified module could not be found ! What is this ? Can anybody help me ?
  5. To change the bios password while you are logged on in XP ?? I never heard of somebody to pull this of !! The only way i know to reset a Bios pass is to remove the MB Battery for 20 sec but this is old news, if anybody can do that pls share how !!!
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