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  1. Thanks for the information but what about service pack 3 is there is any alternative for this solution
  2. Dear all i have 4 gb ram installed can i switch 64-bit version of windows xp for full utilization off Ram because 32bit windows have its own limitation, i am basically confusing about xp 64-bit verstion because it does not have service pack 3 so, if i play game like GTA IV that required Xp Service pack 3 please Provide help to swithing 32bit to 64bit platform My hardware Is Capable to Hand 64 bit address space.
  3. Dear all i am facing problem beacaue my primary domain controller is fail due to hardware problem and never comming back how i converting additional domain controller to primary domain control step by step guide i am very thanks full to all regards thanks
  4. I tried dcomcnfg but problem still their
  5. Still getting error do not access right on local disk manager on computername
  6. Dear All, I am using mmc to control remote management all works fine, but i have problem with remote disk management snap in it give me error no access rights Please provide me help. thanks regards
  7. Dear all I am looking third party tool for internet moniter used with isa except this software GFI WebMonitor thanks
  8. Dear All How i automatical pause Print jobs in printer queues using any third party software or using registry Please Provide Me Solution For this Problem
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