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  1. to bad that win 7 ultimate edition is not in download section,need with LT speak 64-bit
  2. and depend how much amounts of ram you have x86 if till 4gb or x64 if have more of 4.
  3. wich os,you using?and what update install to get last internet explore 11 fully updated,me talking about win 7 ultimate.
  4. Yes i had same problem on one of mine laptops,but on other this problem not appear,just only i wont able download win 7 pro/win 7 ultimate 64-bit in Lithuanian speak
  5. hello,looks like these errors not showing,but still download links not appears :)tested on 2 laptops and tried download win 7 home premium 64-bits.
  6. Possible get link to this lt_windows_7_home_premium_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_676552 ?its not it but lt.
  7. hmm thats why i"m not able download win 7 home premium with sp1 today,i hope they fix issues.
  8. first mind was hmm maybe mine antivirus blocking traffic to microsoft web site,but tried on 3 different web browsers,webpage opened.Gone check on fiddler when i have chance sit on that pc
  9. Morning,so i installed that fiddler and what page to inspect or how to pair this tool find problem?
  10. So suggestions try update .NET to 4.7 and check with fiddler where problem?
  11. To be clear mine antivirus is avast internet security if there any virus or false positive,exe will be putted in qurantine chest,but av nothing done that so no virus,other question about .NET version 4.6.2 and TLS 1.2 are enabled in Internet options,so requirments are ok,but program not wanna work properly hmm maybe older version try if that somewhere near by.With host files all ok.
  12. same situation with win7 ultimate,just wanna tried this tool and he not working,just blank screen
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