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  1. Hello, Can someone help me? I am from Brazil, I am making a windows xp 2019, and I am not able to make the post ready updates KBs, embedded, install, I can integrate the pack in nlite, but it does not install, due to the lack of a reg that Activate windows xp to accept embedded updates, try to install manually, a message appears "This update is not compatible with this version", and I realize that this reg is missing to enable the pack, and work, and install the updates. After I apply reg manually in online mode, the pack installs normally. I can't create a cab or integrate these regs into nlite. Follow the link of the images. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19L527DwvnNQPQ92k7gJx6NW_aFp8jYmb
  2. Please, does anyone have the net 4.6.0 file on WA x86 and x64 stored on your hard drive there? I need this version for my project .. I'm sorry for my English ..
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