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  1. You really need to provide some more information about the product you want. I cannot provide you with anything since I don't know what you want but please have a look the link below and see if you can find the release you are looking for:


    If you need Windows 7 RTM, look for ISOs without "with_sp1" in its filename.

  2. It has been quite a few years but if I recall correctly, only 4 editions of Office 2007 downloads were offered by Microsoft to consumers and they are all in EXE format. Hashes are not needed for the .EXE I sent you because the executable was signed by Microsoft and the digital signature is valid. If your anti-virus flag the file I sent you as dangerous, it is a false positive.

  3. Well, it is certainly not recommended for you to pirate Windows. What you can do is:

    1. Get a genuine Windows 7 key, deactivate Windows 7, activate it again using the genuine key.
    2. Install Windows 10, follow the instructions provided in this video: 
    3. Activate Windows 10 with that key, you should get a digital license.
    4. Boot into Windows 7 and see, I have no clue whether it will be deactivated or not. If a Windows 7 key is cheaper, use a Windows 7 key to activate Windows 10.
    5. If there are problems, contact Microsoft Customer Support.
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