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  1. Try deleting clock.ini in %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Windows.
  2. Most likely since Microsoft's Windows 7 download page is still there.
  3. Just download it, it contains 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  4. That is the one he wants. Only ei.cfg is different. I have the 32-bit one, please PM me for the generic ISO and apply the patch here.
  5. Could you please PM me some more detail about the product you want (architecture and SKU)?
  6. You really need to provide some more information about the product you want. I cannot provide you with anything since I don't know what you want but please have a look the link below and see if you can find the release you are looking for: If you need Windows 7 RTM, look for ISOs without "with_sp1" in its filename.
  7. It would be good if you can tell me the architecture you need.
  8. Um.. Please tell me the SKU and architecture you want and I will give you a link (the English version). If you want Chinese versions of Windows 7, you can download a language pack.
  9. Nope, they were never distributed to consumers in ISO format. I can give you digitally signed EXE files if you provide enough information about the product you want.
  10. PM me for Windows 7 downloads, be sure you include enough information (architecture and SKU).
  11. It has been quite a few years but if I recall correctly, only 4 editions of Office 2007 downloads were offered by Microsoft to consumers and they are all in EXE format. Hashes are not needed for the .EXE I sent you because the executable was signed by Microsoft and the digital signature is valid. If your anti-virus flag the file I sent you as dangerous, it is a false positive.
  12. I have uploaded a few original Office 2007 .EXEs to archive.org. PM me for links.
  13. What a meaningful post! What do you need? Windows 7 ISO images? Format your hard drive?
  14. I have lots of Windows Vista ISOs but you need to tell me which version (RTM, SP1 or SP2) you want. The good thing about Windows Vista is there are all-in-one ISO images which is very convenient.
  15. What? The whole thing depends on your download speed. It is perfectly fine for it to take 2+ hours since it is a large file.
  16. Well, you can boot into recovery environment and check(type echo %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% at Command Prompt). If it is AMD64, then you should use the 64-bit ISO and if it is X86, then you should use the 32-bit ISO. Here is a video on how to fix that error:
  17. They are indeed badly and unprofessionally made. Looks like somebody installed Windows 7, installed updates, syspreped it and added it back to the WIM file. I would use the original Windows 7 ISOs from 2011.
  18. How about you read the original post and stop advertising for that website? If you have a new HDD, how could you possibly upgrade?
  19. Home Basic (no COEM) is 32-bit only. Download Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_x32.xdelta, PM me for the generic ISO and patch it.
  20. Well, it is certainly not recommended for you to pirate Windows. What you can do is: Get a genuine Windows 7 key, deactivate Windows 7, activate it again using the genuine key. Install Windows 10, follow the instructions provided in this video: Activate Windows 10 with that key, you should get a digital license. Boot into Windows 7 and see, I have no clue whether it will be deactivated or not. If a Windows 7 key is cheaper, use a Windows 7 key to activate Windows 10. If there are problems, contact Microsoft Customer Support.
  21. Microsoft employed a similar technique for Windows ISO images as well.
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