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Found 1 result

  1. I created my bootable Win 7 USB using Win Toolkit. Win 7 was installed correctly along with all the addons, though some of the tweaking didn't appear after the installation - like Move to, Copy to options in the context explorer. But none of the silent installers were installed. I tried each of the installer myself with various switches using the CMD prompt and everything was working fine but when I created a image with Win Toolkit along with the addons and silent installer nothing got installed after windows installation. Even the silent installers provided in this forum for Flash Player, Java Runtime environment didn't install. Also the display of the Win Toolkit in my system is not complete. Few of the options are hidden. I am attaching the screenshots and few configuration files for debugging. The silent installers I added were: 1. Reapers.Java.Runtime.AIO. 2. Reapers.Adobe.Flash.Player.AIO. 3. Reapers_Adobe_Shockwave_Player_11.6.4.634 4. 7z465-x64 5. Driver Magician 6. EPM 7. iCareDRS 8. WinRAR etc etc... Please help me out in creating this bootable USB pendrive. If you need any further details then let me know. Attaching the screenshot of the contents of USB also. Configuration Files.zip USB Contents.zip
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