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Win Toolkit + RT7 Lite + RT7-Booster


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I think Win Toolkit is the most amazing tool currently available in the scene!

I don't mean to get into the discussion of which tool is better and so on. After all, this is the Win Toolkit forum. I guess I am just happy these tools exist.

Yet, I believe Win Toolkit is still weak at component removal. Currently, the best results in that area are achieved by RT-7 Lite (removal) combined with RT7-Booster (clean up).

In all other aspects Win Toolkit really shines.

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Fellow techies, the fact remains that the best tool for any particular user is the one that provides them with the results they require. To build up one tool as another is torn down is merely a demonstration of personal opinion. Can we agree that WinToolkit is a great tool for those (like me) who can wield it's power successfully? I have used RT7Lite and VLite (and nLite!) and will try many more that might not even be available today. Your choice, what's BEST for you, is whatever does what you need, and that's all. Let's not be down on RT7Lite, as it was a powerhouse, and does a lot of wonderful stuff. But software changes, and our needs change, and growth and experience will always be a factor for us in the work we do. We have more to celebrate and share - let's try to stay focused on that. I have a universe of things to learn from all of you, and I hope to be able to reciprocate. Meanwhile I remain positive and forward-looking. Thank you kindly for all the good things you do.

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