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Mozilla Firefox v15.0


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Architecture: x86

Language: en-US

Uninstallable: Yes

Size: 18.69MB

Created: 8/30/2012

MD5: 7c10bb5a054a1948e29ed8c2b9c7406f

SHA1: d5bd9b4efe78c0b4bbfc8af5d3daf4020d87d6e2

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Thanks, was wondering what was up with this no show in add/remove

I spent a few hours trying to figure it out myself.It worked fine with older version but not the new version.If you want to use the new version and have Firefox show up in add/remove programs then here's how to do it.Download the official Firefox installer from Mozilla, add it to the SFX tab in the All-In-One Integrator, use the switch -ms and it will show up.It's an odd issue but hopefully the developer will get it worked out.

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The issue making it not appear in add/remove programs has been fixed, or is there another issue with this addon?

UPDATE: The addon won't work in x64 because the creator has put it in x86 mode only.

Open the .WA file with 7zip and drag the tasks.txt to your desktop.

open the txt file with notepad and remove the ! so 'Arc=x86!' becomes just 'Arc=x86'

Save the txt file and drag it back into the 7zip window and save it. It should now work on x64 versions :)

UPDATE 2: v71 will say why an addon has not been added.

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