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Re-install WMP?


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Ok, here is my problem:

I had a nice and tidy version of Windows 7 Ultimate streamlined with Win Toolkit. I had removed many things like for example, Windows Media Player.

So yesterday I bought FIFA 13 because I love myself some foot.

It so happens that after selecting the language, an intro video is supposed to pop and that (according to EA's forums) REQUIRE Windows Media Player installed.

Now, how the hell can I re-install WMP on Windows 7 without reformatting my system?


Cheers and thanks in advance,


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It does state within the program that components can't be restored and will be gone forever. I'm pretty sure there is a method to get them back but it will be a lot of work and reinstalling windows would be quicker.

It seems like a codec issue and downloading a codec pack could help. Also google ways to skip the intro video, some games do allow users to skip the intro files so you don't have to watch them each time your start the game.

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