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Ah nuts....It was good while it lasted....


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Brillant program BUT..

I finally upgraded my pc to a AMD FX4170 (Quad,4.2ghz) and 8gb DDR 1333mhz memory this will make setting up a

window 7(64Bit) ISO fly....Well it did at first...

Fresh install of windows 7 (64Bit) & Gdata Totalcare 2013 Firewall (Disabled), i installed Win Toolkit added 94 windows patches nothing else and hit "apply" and it took only 40 mins to do "great" i thought its finally working.....wrong!

A few days later i decided to do a updated iso adding all the oct 2012 updates.

I added them and hit the "apply" button,THIS time when it took ages (53mins) on a single patch which earlier it flew pass WTF i though whats going on?.

I could not believe it...So i uninstalled Win Toolkit cleared all the patches and window 7 folder,redone everything again and tryd again BUT this time just the normal 94 patches which i did earlier on my first ISO,just in case it did not add any of the October patches, this time it buzzed along nicely pass the patch earlier it took ages on and and my hopes rose again but

alas no.. yet again another patch it flew passed earlier it hung on like my old grandmother...sigh..


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