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[Solved] changing options/addons etc. on a existing integrated image


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Ok so here is scenario.

I have previously successfully integrated various hotfixes, changed some default registry settings and set some tweaks using win toolkit. Everything worked first time, impressive.

However I want to add more addons, add more registry defaults, change a few tweaks and add a unattended file. I noticed the integration process was very time consuming in my case took about 3-4 hours to update one image.

Now I am back in the all in one integrator having made my adjustments, if I hit start on the previously modified image will it work? does it work quicker with previous changes already done? or do I need a fresh clean iso extraction when doing a new integration?

apologies if this is already on faqs/docs.


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I have another question related to this topic:

I have integrated updates from the McRip Pack and now i want to integrate more updates from other packs. So my question is, if Win Toolkit recognizes the previously integrated updates so that there a no problems with the new ones? Such as double integrated updates?

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