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Update Catalog Idea


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Type, Size, Date - unnecessary, I think. Regarding search, I have an idea... but I'll make another request thread since it's more complicated and very likely either undoable, either very hard to implement.

However, about treeview, I have also an advanced complementary Win Toolkit feature in mind: make two user selectable presets for Update catalog, named smth like ''Needed x86 updates (regular or home user) to integrate via GDR branch'' and ''Needed x64 updates (regular or home user) to integrate via GDR branch''.

Reasons / Motivation:

  • users tend to install everything - this for server-related updates or enhancements, and for 99.99% of users out there, integrating them is just a waste of time as they aren't needed by home users and/or they won't ever use those server-related windows features;
  • beginners NEED the info on what is really needed and what is not; and from our experience, we surely can guide them through such a preset :) ;
  • save server load for komm / McRip - although they ''give us a finger, we shouldn't take they hole hand'' - komm said at some point that server loads are high enough, and the updates .7z archives may at some point be removed from the server, due to the possible very high traffic. So the less Win Toolkit users stress their servers, the better.

The updates must come from komm server for GDR branch. Why?

  • komm's server has an updated folder named Satisfy WU for GDR branch; McRip has such a folder only for LDR branch;
  • komm's server don't have KB2685811 and KB2685813 in the main folder, that may generate windows issues even when installed in LDR mode - McRip has them;
  • (for the moment) McRip's server is innaccesible by many users due to the recent security hardening changes made by McRip.

What folders from komm's server must be included in the ''Needed updates (regular or home user) to integrate via GDR branch'' preset?

  1. The updates from the main folder, ONLY the .msu files! (BTW, It would be fantastic if you could sort the .html, .reg and .txt info / registry files from his server in a separate category in the treeview, as having them would only scare beginners away, and also the .reg files are meant only for online install procedures, for integrating purposes many of those .reg files need to change). x64 location warning: The main folder means actually two of them, aka the updates from both Client and Server, and also Server folders, with different updates;
  2. The Satisfy WU folder;
  3. The IE9 folder, WITHOUT its subdirectory LP (language packs);
  4. The WUA folder (windows update client updates);
  5. KB947821-vxx (currently KB947821-v24) - here we have a problem, since komm prefers not to have it on his servers, only a link to it in the additions, due to its size; it would be perfect if this one can be got from McRip's server;
  6. Only KB917607, KB971033 and KB2646060-v3 from the Additions folder; warning - that folder has more updates than those three! KB2646060-v3 is a tweak really needed for AMD current processors (more performance at the expense of more power consumption; also the same result with Intel processors), KB917607 can pop up in WU after installing certain software products, and KB971033 is related to windows activation, and also pops up in WU. x64 location warning: KB971033 is found in the Additions subfolder of Client and Server x64 folder, while KB2646060-v3 and KB917607 are found in the Additions subfolder of Client x64 folder.
  7. WMPNetShare MediaCenter folder. x64 location warning: The folder is found in both Client and Server, and also Server folders, with different updates;
  8. GroupPolicy folder;
  9. MSMQ folder (~ optional, awaiting other opinions);
  10. IIS folder (~ optional, awaiting other opinions, although some ''so-called beginners'' may try to host their site on their pc for a while, so having IIS updated may help them).

The same way, a preset can be made for LDR branch needed updates, only from McRip's server (that has a LDR-only WU Satisfy updates folder, unlike komm), however LDR (aka beta Microsoft branch) is supposed to be destined / targeted to advanced users, that really know what they're doing, so such a preset may be too much. Awaiting feedback however, as such a preset is much easier to put together from McRip's server. :)

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Firstly, check out the changes in test 14. Secondly, don't hijack someone's post!

I just experimented with treeview and it looked horrible. There's no way (impossible) to code presets for update catalog as the files are constantly changing. There's no chance in hell that i'm going to start maintaining a list for a preset. I have however separated all of the 'Additional' into another group in test 14.

In test 15 i have changed 'New Updates' to 'New Updates [Recommended]' and 'Additionals' to 'Additionals [Optional]'. I will also make it so that the additionals are not checked by default which that alone should save a lot of bandwidth!

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I'm not reffering to a list of updates, but to the contents of some folders that are by default checked (with the exceptions of points 5 and 6 from the first post).

So if you can make that preset to be variable, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 locations from the first post to generate ''lists'' that are checked by default after the content from the server is loaded, and then the updates from 5 and 6 to be added. I can guarantee that you don't have to maintain any list, it's very unlikely that anytime soon any other stuff will be added to this preset (except of course IE10 instead of IE9, when it will become available, probably in two months or so).

You know better what this implies, however please move this topic to the request sub-forum. The reasons behind it are important, so please take another look.

Also, now in beta 14 KUC server scan generates ~800 files, while the preset I'm talking about equals ~400 files. Half! The difference is ridiculous.

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About beta / test 15, here's my feedback:

* New Updates name really must be changed to smth like Main updates, as it's confusing (most of those updates DO NOT change monthly, so there's nothin new to most of them) LE: Nevermind this, however smth like (New ) Main Updates I think is to be preffered as the title to that category.

* Question: For komm server, did the ''New'' x64 main updates category contain both Client and Server, and also Client folders? And I hope the ones from the Server folder aren't included / scanned.

* Can you make three categories for komm's server? (New) Main Updates / Important Additional updates / Other Additional updates. Important Additional Updates will include 2, 3, 4 and 7, 8, 9, 10 folders from the first post.

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*They are called 'New Updates' because the updates are are not in the user download directory, so they are new.

*Yeah it does contain Client and Server, but i'm thinking of making it client only. What do you think?

*7 8 9 and 10 arn't really important updates for most users.

Question: On KUC Servers, what is the 'OLD for BAD' folder?

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7 and 8 is the difference from McRip and komm. 7 and 8 are found in McRip's main folder, and not in komm's!!! So they are a must in the second important additions category!!!

Let's wait for other opinions, but I really think you should also include 9 and 10 to the second ''important'' additions category.

Also, McRip's main folder has its equivalent in BOTH Client and Server and also Client folders from komm. So both are a MUST for the (new) main folder!!!Client and Server reffers to upddates that are aplicable to both Windows 7 / Server 20xx.

From what I remember, OLD for BAD is the recently superseded updates folder, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll come back with an answer in an hour or so, I have something to do, or maybe another one can give a quicker answer.

Edited by RicaNeaga
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Further feedback with test 17.

a. The Update Catalog download option is bugged. I tried twice to download KUC Windows 7 x64 checked by default list, and it stopped after downloading only the first update (IE9). Or do I have to press the download button forr 377 times? :D

b. I see you (continue to) include the html / reg / txt files from his server. Why?

c. Why do you consider that 7 and 8 (WMPNetShare MediaCenter and Group Policy) from the first post aren't important? Once again, such folders aren't on McRip's additional folder, but they're in the main folder from his server, so he considers them important. I really don't understand the logic behind it - using Media Center in Windows 7 and having multiple accounts on one computer are rare cases in your opinion?

d. Why do you scan WMPNetShare MediaCenter updates only from Client and Server folder (5 updates), and not also from Client folder (3 more updates)? Once again, all 8 combined updates are in McRip's main folder.

e. Are you sure the updates from the main Client folder are included in the scan for the main category?

f. As I've said at no 6, KB971033 is found in the Additions subfolder of Client and Server x64 folder, while KB2646060-v3 and KB917607 are found in the Additions subfolder of Client x64 folder. Why KB2646060-v3 and KB917607 aren't found by Update Catalog scanner?

Of course the answer to d, e, and f questions above is that you're ignoring this - http://www.windows-u...fix/x64/Client/ - and it eludes me why.

Edited by RicaNeaga
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A. That was a bug, fixed.

B. Why not? Some files contain instructions or reg entries can be imported.

C. OK, i've added them. Still don't see the logic in having IIS as main though so I haven't included them.

D. I have never used KUC servers before so don't know how everything is laid out, it now scans all 3 KUC folders now (Server, Client and Client and Server).

E. Same reason as D

F. It only scanned 'Client and Server' folder. I didn't know they had separate files.

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Ok, great! :) I won't insist anymore with IIS and MSMQ, they were optional also in my opinion, however two more important things to add:

i) VERY IMPORTANT - komm has for x64 three folders: Client folder, Client and Server folder and last Server folder. The Server folder contains updates NOT intended to fix windows 7 problems, but rather Windows Server 2008 issues, so DO NOT include it in the scan!!! Only Client folder and Client and Server folder should be included.

To make a comparison, everything in the main x64 folder from McRip server can be found in the main folder from komm's TWO Client / Client and Server folders.

ii) About having tweaks txt and html files in the ''main'' section - really don't think it's a good idea. I'll come back tommorow with a full explanation / motivation since now I'm pretty tired. However, the best way from a beginner perspective, as having those there complicates things more than necessary, and make them ''waste'' more time than necessary, is to move them (.reg, .html, .txt files) to a third and last sections, named smth like ''Further info & tweaks'', or maybe not have them at all (.msu files only).

And regarding tweaks, I already requested in the tweaks thread for some KB / updates - related tweaks, having a section for them in AIO should be enough, or even better to also select by default those tweaks in the AIO tweak section when a complementary update is added in AIO.

Once again, I'll come back tommorow with more motivations for this. :)

Edited by RicaNeaga
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Back with more info regarding the html/txt/reg files found in komm's server. You can see below bolded my requests regarding the needed filtering of the two servers, once again, from a beginner perspective, that doesn't need to waste his time reading this mostly NOT needed info.

In the main folder from komm:

  • 2520487_readme.txt - only additional info regarding how this fix works, and what other registry MAY be needed in certain cases. It's NOT needed for the fix to work / kb to be effective!

  • 2691586 Installation instructions.htm - first of all KB2691586 is NOT in the main folder, but in the OLD for BAD folder, so 2691586 is superseded. Secondly, it was meant to add instructions after this fix, on how after direct upgrade from installed windows 7 to windows 8, then activate 8 via KMS servers (UFO-like problem).

  • 2718646.htm - info about an hotfix that is no longer available on Microsoft servers

  • 2727118_default_value.reg - already in the tweaks thread

  • 2732072 disable.reg + 2732072 enable.reg - already made a request in the tweaks thread for it, no need to have it also here (you also say it's in your app already)

  • 2732618_readme.htm - also 2732618 is superseded, and the info is redundant

  • 2743013.reg - standalone registry fix, it's in the tweaks thread already

  • Windows6.1-KB2757817-x64 Installation instructions.htm - same UFO-like instructions as with 2691586 on KMS activation of 8 after direct upgrade from 7

  • x64 change log

Also, for komm, there are others html files, in other folders (Additions, Additions (NON .msu), RSAT, SUA, VPC) like Windows6.1-KB947821-v24-x64, Windows6.1-KB968211-x64-RefreshPkg, Windows6.1-KB968212-x64-RefreshPkg, Attack_Surface_Analyzer_ReadMe, Windows6.1-KB958830-x64-RefreshPkg, SUA1007 Utilities and SDK for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications, Fix for VPC high Util KB981285, and all these are external links to those updates, not stored on komm's server.

So NONE of this files are needed! Please make a filter and don't show .reg, .txt, .htm and .html files. Complicates stuff without any motivation behind.

For McRip's serve it's easier, he has very few non-msu files in the main folder - KB2732072.reg (see above), KB2728973-rvkroots.exe (not integrable), an install.cmd for online installation and a changelog text. However, he does have some useful info in the Integrate to installation media, in the form of .doc files, that are better kept.

So the above bolded text with the filter can also be applied in McRip's case, since those needed files from his servers are in .doc form.

Edited by RicaNeaga
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Ok, final request list below with stuff removed form the scan. For info / reasons regarding .txt, .htm, .html and .reg files, please see my post above.

V. Remove SoLoR server entirely. This can be the cause for this issue, and also it's offline / it hasn't been updated for ~ a year now.

W. Make a filter for .txt, .htm, .html and .reg files and also .cmd for both servers, as the info in those is redundant / not needed / already requested (in the tweaks thread). There is only one .cmd file on both servers, install.cmd - installs McRip's main folder on online images / live systems.

X. For KUC server - REMOVE the OLD for BAD sub-folder (superseded updates), EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the not integratable sub-folder, and EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the updates from the VPC sub-folder and the VMdriver sub-folder (see here).

Y. For McRip server - REMOVE the BeforeInstallSP1 sub-folder (folder with updates needed for SP0 in order to install SP1), EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the KB2506143.Windows.Management.Framework.3.0.CTP sub-folder (not integrable to an offline image), EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the Not integratable to Offline image sub-folder, and EITHER REMOVE, or MARK WITH A RED BAR the updates from the VPC sub-folder (see here).

Z. For McRip server - ADD the WU_Satisfy folder to the scan (updates needed for WU silencing when using the LDR branch).

The red bar can have an explanation written somewhere visible, as those updates ''aren't integratable / preferably to be installed''. The only problem that will remain after implementing this last requests is the rkvroots .exe file from McRip's main folder, but I'll ask him to move it to the additional area. When all this are fulfilled, ''beginners'' in using your app will stop wasting time / ask more questions than needed, either to themselves, or here on wincert. :)

Edited by Legolash2o
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I've done as request, i haven't made a filter but update catalog will now only show MSU or CAB files. I won't do the McRip Satisfy_WU folder as it will make things more complicated (coding wise). May you can politely ask McRip if he would move it into the main update folder (but no additionals).

Closing thread...

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