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AIO / Updates / Add Updates + Subfolder - Sort by Name, Explorer-Like


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This is a small but very important request. :)

After using alot the Update Catalog lately, I decided to use this feature from AIO / Updates. I used to have all updates for each architecture in only one folder, without sub-folders, but now this wasn't the case.

And I've noticed that after they were loaded / added to the list, there was no order to them, and for example KB2xxxxxx were loaded BEFORE KB9xxxxx, alphabetically probably, which is a BIG mistake from an integrating point of view.

So please change how they're sorted after loading all of them (actually now they're ~ not sorted at all after been added to the list), arranging them the same way the windows OS sorts them in explorer - KB9xxxxx FIRST, and then KB2xxxxxx.

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