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Script at the first logon


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I trying to do an unattended installation of Windows 8. I'd like to lunch a batch file at the first logon, in this way I silent install all my application.

I can lunch this script in unattended Windows 7 installation with RT Se7en lite, but now I'd like to use Win Toolkit because it is compatible with Windows 8

(sorry for double post)

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If u want Script Structure Then it wil be something as like it >>>> < @echo off

echo Software install

start /wait adobe.exe /silent /norestart >

here /silent /norestart is the parameter of the software. If u want some software wil install silently Then u have to manage the silent switch of the software.if u dont find silent switch then repack the software with smart install maker!

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Use SetupComplete.cmd Script. Make a Script & named it as setupcomplete.cmd. Then Put This in Sources/$OEM$/$$/setup/scripts/setupcomplete.cmd(ur Script) & then when the windows finished installation or at ist logon it wil run! Thats it.


I thought that this method worked only in Windows 7. Have you tested it in Windows 8?

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