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Add Feature or Tool to Install and Test Win Toolkit Add-On's


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Request to add a feature or tool within the Addon maker to install and test Win Toolkit AddOn. Currently their is a somewhat viable tool that was created by 'Dark Madness' which can be found in the Forum (cant seem to find it right now) but it comes in the form of UI or command line tool. Their does'nt seem to have been any developement on the tool in over a year. I've tried it on a few Addons with mixed results.


Anyhow, not all that important, but it does come in handy for me when I want to test an Addon on a live systems. 


Best Regards.

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      Hi, just found this website and playing around with the tool. My question is how do I actually make .wa file addons. 
      I tried following this guide: (http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/5833-guide-creating-addons/), but I can't seem to get my programs to actually load during windows installation (using virtual box).
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