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Vague / unclear warning in AIO - two possible solutions


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The warning I'm talking about is the one attached, reffering to the possible errors generated by some (?) hotfixes in the Additionals folder from McRip servers. I suggest to remove / improve this vague warning, that may scare users away from the hotfixes in the Additional area (as the useful IE10 and probably soon the Satisfy WU hotfixes).



Solution A - the quick solution - add this warning only when KB2592687 is loaded in AIO, as this is the only hotfix that can make windows install process go bananas. See detailed thread here, it can generate errors even without its prerequisite.



Solution B - the ''complete'' solution, with three sub-requests. This covers ALL problems generated by the Additionals folder.


1. Add a warning for KB2592687 ONLY if added in AIO;


2. Move KB943790 automatically to the silent area when loaded in AIO. I also attached the error generated when trying to integrate this useful ''hotfix'' / additional funtionality;


3. Remove from McRip's servers default scan in Update Catalog some sub-folders in the Additional area - the ''Integrate to installation media'' (why? because ~ all are not integratable, and the .txt instructions aren't loaded by default in the Update Catalog), the ''RemoteDesktopProtocol8.0'' (why? because it includes the most dangerous hotfix Microsoft ever created - KB2592687) and the ''BallotScreen'' (why? not integratable, really unuseful ''hotfix'').


This also involves an additional explanation to the ''Update Catalog Filter'' checkbox from Options, smth like ''Update Catalog will only show .msu, .cab and .msp files. Some non-integratable hotfixes are skipped by default, and also some nonessential hotfixes that when integrated may generate errors during windows install. Uncheck this only if you're an advanced user''.



With solution B I think you'll get rid of many potential bug reports (both on the forums and directly via the app). However you'll decide which (sub)solution is is the best to implement. :)



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