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Wintoolkit install Apps too early


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I tried to integrate applications in silent mode install on Windows 7 x64 with latest version Wintoolkit. Why Wintoolkit starts before the last restart and not after? Wintoolkit starts too early, in AuditMode and not in FirstLogon pass. In this case, some applications are not installed (Adobe Reader, ACDSee, Net Framework, and others). In windows 7 x32 Wintoolkit starts when first logon and everything work fine.

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I've seen this happen before, I think it's an update which causes it :(

I use last version of Wintoolkit and Windows 7 SP1 with February 2013 Update.

What update which cause it? I tried 1000 times and I don't find who is guilty for this. If you find this problem, please, tell me.


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@bilbaro: It may be caused by KB2529687 KB2592687. It's not a security update, so you can safely remove it, or add it in the silent install+SFX tab, it will be executed at first launch.



See this thread for more infos:


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