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  1. Windows Vista Modification Tool use for Windows 7, too. The best is Wintoolkit. http://www.vlite.net/
  2. Yes, I integrated all update and after with Wintoolkit - Remove Components section, i removed only KB2592687.
  3. Solved. I removed KB2592687 and Wintoolkit work fine. Thanks for your help.
  4. I use last version of Wintoolkit and Windows 7 SP1 with February 2013 Update. What update which cause it? I tried 1000 times and I don't find who is guilty for this. If you find this problem, please, tell me. Thanks
  5. I tried to integrate applications in silent mode install on Windows 7 x64 with latest version Wintoolkit. Why Wintoolkit starts before the last restart and not after? Wintoolkit starts too early, in AuditMode and not in FirstLogon pass. In this case, some applications are not installed (Adobe Reader, ACDSee, Net Framework, and others). In windows 7 x32 Wintoolkit starts when first logon and everything work fine.
  6. In Silent Install tab you may insert an "Edit" button for editable programs when wrong add. Ex.: - modify silent switch; - modify folder program, etc. In present mode must remove silent install and add again, a vain work.
  7. I don't find any solution to resolving installing video driver without errors, but, I'll use such: 1. I'll integrate with W7T all drivers without Video Driver; 2. I'll install Video Driver with dpinst.exe on setupcomlete.cmd method. Everything working complete.
  8. Use All-In-One Tool for Remove Component. Also, you can use All-In-One Tool with all uses, in the same time, for all Windows 7 Version (Home, Premium, Pro & Ultimate) and the same architectures (x86 or x64): - Addons; - Component Removal; - Drivers; - Gadgets; - Files; - Services; - Silent Installs; - Theme Packs; - Tweaks; - Updates; - Walppapers. For AIO DVD, select all Windows 7 Version with the same architecture.
  9. I encountered with the same problem (Code 12 for Display Adapters). See answers for my topic and tell me if you find a resolving. I not verified yet. http://www.wincert.n...r-not-instaled/
  10. Today, I instaled my Windows 7 with all drivers integrated and to finall Video Driver (Intel Video) not instaled corectly. In Device Manager, Display Adapters appears with problem. In properties window, to Resources tab I read this: "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12)" After that, I tryed to install original driver without succes. I uninstaled Display Adapter, I restarted computer and my Intel Graphic Adapter is with the same problem. How can I resolve this?
  11. You can't copied that files on DVD. Never work in this method. Please, download ""Windows 7 Boot Updater"" from http://www.coderforl...jects/win7boot/ and create your boot screen, save it (BootScreen.bs7) and than download "Command Line Version", put it in a folder and use next command Win7BootUpdatercmd BootScreen.bs7, then restart computer and see changes. For inserting in DVD, must make a program with silent install. For this put in a folder "Win7BootUpdaterCmd.exe", your "Bootscreen.bs7" and make a cmd file with name "Boot.cmd" file. In this cmd file put next command "Win7BootUpdatercmd BootScreen.bs7" and save file. Select all 3 files, create sfx archive with Winrar (right click, add an archive) and to the "SFX Option", in "Setup" tab, to "Run after extraction", write "Boot.cmd", in "Modes"tab, check "Hide all" and finish with Ok, OK. After created this, test it and insert in DVD like silent install.
  12. I resolved my problem. I downloaded the last Windows 7 Video DriverPack. In previous version, Windows find drivers for my Nvidia in all DriverPack (A, B and Mobile) and I don't know what is installed. Now, I founded drivers just in Mobile (for my Laptop) and instaled very well, Thanks DriverPack for them work. W7T works very well, Thanks for exist. I created a Windows 7 DVD with: - all drivers; - custom gadgets; - my programs with silent install; - my theme; - update and language pack; - and so on. Thank you for your answers.
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