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reserved for the system


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Hi i make all correct whit WinToolkit to create a usb and the install is ok,but no create the disk partition for reserved for the system
what i do bad,i not understand and when i want instal net 3.5  wrong install.


My iso is AIO and only extract the install.wim with windows media center




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I noticed the reserved system space is different in size between windows 7 and 8. While it's ''only'' 100MB needed for windows 7 (and vista), for windows 8 that virtual partition needs to have 350MB.


You make it when asked where to install windows during windows install process (first stage). You probably have the hdd formated from a windows 7 install, and you only have a 100MB reserved system space. You have to delete the first partition (C:) at that first step and re-create it - by doing so, that 350 MB will be created (you have to press ok when asked).

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