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Windows 7 network and sharing center


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I have started to mod netcenter.dll. My goal is to achieve icon size as vista.

Although, I have some difficulties..

I managed to edit some of them to 48x48 (netcenter.dll - UIFILE 110) but my network "minimap" icons are still 32x32.

I can't figure out how do I resize it to 48x48. (as vista network and sharing center)




I would appreciate it so much if someone can help me. :)

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I think those are controlled by the UIFILE or XMLFILE resources

You are right! Controlled by UIFILE 110 (set up a new connection, connect to a network, choose homegroup and troubleshoot icons)

So UIFILE 110 is right, as you see the preview. I managed to change from 24x24 to 32x32 or 48x48.

I think UIFILE 111 is for "minimap" icons. I already edited but I can't do this to be 48x48.


Here is the UIFILE 111 sample:

(The original is: width="32rp" height="32rp but the modification it doesn't work)


<style resid="minimap">
<if class="navbutton">
<button contentalign="middlecenter" font="gtf(CONTROLPANELSTYLE,4,0)" foreground="gtc(CONTROLPANELSTYLE, 4, 0, 3803)" width="48rp" height="48rp"/>
<if keyfocused="true">
<button contentalign="middlecenter|focusrect"/>
And in Vista it looks completely different:
    <style resid="minimap" >
      <if class="navbutton" >
        <if keyfocused="true" >
          <button contentalign="middlecenter|focusrect" />


So there must be a way to do this properly, but I can't figure out how can I do this at the moment..

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