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Windows 8 iso with all updates and UEFI boot.


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Hi guys, 

I have made a custom windows 8 Pro iso with latest updates slipstreamed but the DVD is not seen in the boot menu. I was burning the image with built in win 8 burner. I use genuine iso file downloaded from MAPS.I wonder if there  is any topic with detailed info how to make win8 with all updates with UEFI boot ? Clearly something is not right with mine.

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You can try my batch script which will rebuild your source into a dual BIOS/UEFI .iso file.

Change the variables to suit your needs.


@ECHO offsetlocal EnableDelayedExpansionREM :: Set path to source directorySET "src=%cd%\src"REM :: Set custom name for ISOSET "ISOX=Win7-64":OSCDIMG-checkREM :: Detects the presence of oscdimg for .iso creation function.  Critical check, will exit utility IF NOT found.IF /I EXIST "%ProgramFiles%\Windows AIK\Tools\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\oscdimg.exe" (SET "OSCD=%ProgramFiles%\Windows AIK\Tools\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\oscdimg.exe") ELSE (ECHO ** %time%- OSCDIMG.EXE not found. & GOTO end):Begin-testFOR /F "delims=" %%a IN ('dir /s /b "%src%\etfsboot.com"') DO (SET "biosB=%%a")FOR /F "delims=" %%a IN ('dir /s /b "%src%\efisys.bin"') DO (SET "uefiB=%%a")ECHO biosB is %biosB%ECHO uefiB is ïiB%"%OSCD%" -m -o -l"%ISOX%" -u2 -udfver102 -bootdata:2#p0,e,b"%biosB%"#pEF,e,b"ïiB%" "%src%" "%cd%\%ISOX%.iso":endpauseendlocal:eof
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