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Hi everyone!


I am curious about this dll. It's included in the latest Chrome. It looks similar to .dlls installed by DirectX, but the highest of them is _43 AFAIK. And (also AFAIK) the latest DX is june 2010. So, my questions would be:


- Does GOOG have access to something we don't?

- Can we put it into system32 (or syswow64) safely? I already did and nothing bad happened. I'm hoping (more like praying) that other programs will pick it up when needed (again, on the wild assumption that they will be compiled with mysterious new compiler probably). :)

- Maybe it's DX 8.2?

- I want a x64 version of it!


Yeah, not much of a questions, more like speculation, but what the hell. :)




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AFAIK the dll is used for html5 hardware acceleration. I used to delete these dll's from the setup/install dir of mozilla firefox (because I have the latest dx installed) but the latest v23 gives error when I do (the earlier versions did not complain)

Only use the x64 dll if the browser is x64, if its 32 bit the 64 bit dll is useless

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Yeah, I've seen various programs bring with themselves d3dcompiler_XX.dll (where XX < 43), and I always delete them as far as I have them in system32/syswow64 (I pay attention to the bitness). :) But this was new for me.


If it isn't a dll from Microsoft, I guess we won't see any more DX releases (because the number is taken).



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Download x64 version of Chromium here:




Then navigate here:




I think that .dll should be now x64 because browser itself is x64, but I'm not sure.

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